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Coming out LGBT+ experience Anthony Kinahan

In 1999 aged 17 Anthony Kinahan from Dromiskin tentatively entered a disco run by outcomers in Drogheda, a chance encounter a kiss on the dance floor would change Anthony's life completely. Hear how he felt about coming out in Ireland at the time, his activism work for the LGBTQ+ community, and how he deals with homophobic abuse.

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  • The Recombobulator!

    Meet Moira Geary aka the recombobulator personal development coach who says it's her life purpose to help people lead happier healthier more fulfilled lives, she has helped over 10,000 people overcome negative thought patterns and behaviours through her personal one on one sessions, through her wellness programmes and events and through the messages in her book Wake up and Change your life. She imparts some of tools on the show here.
  • Striving to be 'perfect' Psychotherapist Katie Mc Kenna

    Do you find that you are constantly putting everyone else first often neglecting your own needs? Do you often compare yourself to others who might have seemingly perfect lives? It seems there is an increase particularly among women specifically mothers who are feeling that anything they do is not good enough and many are experiencing burnout as a result of putting everyone else first and this constant strive for perfection. Katie Mc Kenna accredited psychotherapist has noticed that women are feeling more lost, more disconnected from themselves and are looking outward towards perfectionism to gain validation and approval from others she discussed this and offered great advice.
  • Georgie Crawford finding the glow after cancer

    At aged 32 Georgie Crawford a busy mum to 7 month old Pia who was considering returning to her job as a radio presenter in Spin didn't expect to find a lump in her breast, she thought breast cancer was something that happened to older women. After a lot of support, counselling and coming to terms with her breast cancer diagnosis Georgie decided to document her journey on social media She gained huge support for her honesty about her cancer journey, raising awareness of breast cancer in young women and her positive outlook. A year after her treatment she decided to focus on healing and so her podcast the Good Glow podcast was born. Georgie shared how she overcame dark days, the motivation behind setting up Good Glow, and her plans to have a second baby via surrogacy with Sinéad in this week's Monday motivation.
  • Life with Multiple Sclerosis Hailey Stevely

    10 years ago aged just 20 Hailey Stevely from Ashbourne was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, after being in denial and trying every so called 'cure' to help Hailey eventually sought help from MS Ireland and her life improved greatly. Hailey shared her experiences of coming to terms with her condition and the mantra from her mum that helped her stay positive.
  • Career and mindset coach Carmel Morrissey clarity to confidence!

    Her clients call her the 'Marie Kondo' of your thoughts, career and mindset coach Carmel Morrissey has over 10,000 hours coaching was named in top 20 of coaches in Dublin, Carmel's mission is to help you find clarity and gain confidence when it comes to moving up the corporate ladder, changing career or simply finding the career that brings you joy. Carmel explained when it comes to finding the right career a lot of what she helps clients with is changing their mindset. Carmel had lots of great tips when it comes to discovering what career you want, how to go about it and how to interview well.
  • Career coach Pauline Harley on : Overcoming miscarriage, and major health complications

    From suffering multiple miscarriage, being diagnosed with a rare blood disorder and Chrons disease, having to undergo major spinal surgery and re-learning how to walk, Pauline Harley has been through her fair share of challenges but yet she has endured. She shares her incredible story of bravery, resilience and triumph over adversity.
  • Tammy D'arcy founder of the Shona Project

    At age 14 life changed drastically for Tammy D'arcy, her older sister developed an acquired brain injury and the sister she knew and loved vanished over night, her parents separated and Tammy was living in fear of a bully at school. This impacted on her hugely her grades suffered, she left home at 16 and became pregnant by 19. She feels had she had someone to guide her, tell her she was experiencing a trauma that things could have been different. She became that guide, she is now inspiring thousands of teenage girls to find their place in the world through the non profit organisation named after her sister the Shona Project.
  • Angela Cox: From the corporate world to transformation life coach

    After 25 years working in the corporate sector Angela Cox was not feeling fulfilled in her work, she always had a desire to work as a life coach yet despite being confident, she like many people suffered crippling self doubt. She told Sinéad how a lightbulb moment on the N2 as she travelled into work kickstarted her journey to her life as a coach and how overcoming self doubt is a long journey that is necessary to take if you want to lead a more fulfilled happy life.