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Late Lunch Thursday, May 18th, 2023

On today's Late Lunch with author Barbara Scully, we talked wolves, comedy, journalists getting abused in their jobs and how to help students studying for exams

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  • Late Lunch Friday June 7th 2024

     Late Lunch Friday June 7th 2024
  • Late Lunch Thursday June 6th 2024

    Dr Anne Marie Eustace-Ryan believes all ultra processed foods should carry a health warning! Neil Watters told us why he's closing his beloved Classified Records store in Dundalk. Cabrina Conaty the new Presenter of our 11 to 1 Show introduced herself to the listeners. While we remembered Super Garden winner John Dooley who died suddenly yesterday.
  • Late Lunch Wednesday June 5th 2024

    Dr Sean McCormack is about to run his 100th Marathon! Lots to sow in early June and plenty of advice from organic gardener Nicky Kyle. Arthur Mathews new book about revolutionary Kevin O'Higgins makes for fascinating reading. And Seamus McCormack is the latest to join Team Gerry at the FX Legends Pro-Am at Seapoint Golf Links.
  • Late Lunch Tuesday June 4th 2024

    Dr Kelly Fincham has her say on dealing with online abuse, especially of women, on social media. Ray Langan offered last minute advice to students and parents, ahead of the start of the state examinations tomorrow. Gerry loves children's author Erika McGann's new book called "Chasing the Shy Town" which is published this week. And the first golfer on Gerry's FX Irish Legends Pro-Am team is David McArdle who's delighted with his selection!
  • Late Lunch Friday May 31st 2024

    Sandra Finegan knows all about being travel and holiday ready, Irene Gahan can pick a really good read, Rick Cronje selects the best in wines and David Sheehan calls the sport.
  • Late Lunch Thursday May 30th 2024

    Yasmin Canning found her tribe after running that first mini marathon in support of her late mother. Aileen Muldoon-Byrne is over the moon with her best in show gold medal at Bloom. Jeni Meade was just the woman to join us on the International Day of the Potato. Given Fiona Gainfort and Rosie McGuigan's passion for hairdressing who wouldn't want a career in the business? The Bloom Girls Sinead and Alicia Kavanagh just love the annual festival in the Phoenix Park!
  • Late Lunch Wednesday May 29th 2024

    Chloe Heaslip spoke passionately about her brother Eden, who died by suicide because of bullying and her family's desire and campaign to end bullying in its various forms. Dr Suzanne Linnane, Ben Malone and Maria Flynn brought the curtain down on our LMFM year-long environmental feature "Ours to Protect". Catherine Mangan's new novel about Italy was right up Gerry's street and Jen Campbell welcomes new mums and their babies to join her at Cuidiu in Drogheda.
  • Late Lunch Tuesday May 28th 2024

    Michelin star chef JP McMahon is looking forward to another Taste of Dublin. Our long-time motoring correspondent Tony Conlon said goodbye to us today. Skerries Ukulele Strummers brightened up everyone's afternoon and it just had to be birthday girl KYLIE with our 2 on Toosday!!