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Late Lunch Monday May 29th 2023

A flakier flake in the 99? Maybe but tastier says the Ice Cream Man Brendan Crosbie! Artificial Intelligence to be embraced or feared - Mark Kelly from AI Ireland had his say. Nutritionist Rachel Graham advised students about fuelling the mind and body for the state examinations. While Niamh Jones brought a ray of Sunshine to proceedings with her colouring book.

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  • Late Lunch Wednesday September 27th 2023

    Professor Niall Moyna offered lots of sound advice on improving the nations health, Patrick Kirk is living proof that it's never too late to take up self-defence, Una O'Hagan and her late husband Colm Keane have published an intriguing story about the notorious Monsignor Thomas John Capel and Padraig Bennett is a young man making his way in the world of Jazz.
  • Late Lunch Tuesday September 26th 2023

    A book full of nostalgia about our famed gift of the gab from Kunak McGann, famed mycophagist Bill O'Dea on the do's and don'ts of foraging, Maria clamped in the wrong and winning her case at the small claims court and a new push on minding mental health in the travelling community.
  • Late Lunch Monday September 25th 2023

    Olga Skoryk, whose husband Vitaliy gave his life for Ukraine, told her story which is captured in an exhibition at the Droichead Arts Centre curated by photographer Karen Smith. IVF for cattle? Yes! And it has worked the oracle for local farmer Shay Sheridan. Cyber Psychologist Ruth Guest had loots of advice for parents around online safety and cyber bullying while Jaki McCarrick's Belfast Girls returns to New York.
  • The Late Lunch, Friday, September 22nd, 2023

    On today's Late Lunch with Barbara Scully, we heard from Al Porter, author Sinead Moriarty and exactly what is Wild About Navan?
  • Al Porter in conversation with Barbara Scully

    Comedian Al Porter chats with Barbara Scully on coming back to stand-up again.
  • The Late Lunch, Thursday 21st September 2023

    On today's show with Barbara Scully, we talked about the importance of our seas, parenting issues, dog hero awards and much more.
  • Late Lunch, Wednesday 20th September 2023

    On today's show with guest presenter Barbara Scully, we chatted about foraging, a new platform for actors, a public garden in Oldcastle and why women always undervalue themselves!
  • Late Lunch Tuesday, September 19th, 2023

    On today's show with Barbara Scully, we talked to the Hike Psych and the Sober Fish as well as discussing Childism and did you know Newgrange was effectively the oldest watch in the world! Who knew!
  • Late Lunch, Monday September 18th, 2023

    On today's show with Barbara Scully, journalist Sarah Carey gives her take on the latest news, a deaf cat is reunited with her owner after a making a few car trips and we hear about the benefits of sour dough bread!