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Educating Oldcastle -The Laurence Gilson Legacy

The year is 1809 in the city of London where Laurence Gilson from Oldcastle, County Meath is writing his last Will and Testament. It is an endowment that will have far reaching consequences for thousands of people across north Meath, Cavan, Westmeath and beyond, for more than two hundred years. 

Hear the story the story of Laurence Gilson and the educational legacy he left in his home town." On Dec 31st from 12 noon here on LMFM.

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  • Louth’s Hidden Musical Gem

    Funded by Coimisiún na Meán with the Television Licence Fee Louth’s Hidden Musical Gem, a new radio documentary by Little Road Productions Ltd., will broadcast at 12noon on Tuesday December 26th 2023 on LMFM Radio.  Standing tall in the choir loft of St Patrick’s Cathedral in Dundalk since 1900, the pipe organ created by the world-renowned Henry Willis and Sons pipe organ builders in the UK has had many musicians and composers caress its keys since Henry Lucas Balfour, organist at the Royal Albert Hall in London first ‘opened’ the organ on July 1st 1900, with a recital of classical music. In this one-hour radio documentary, we chart the history of the organ through multiple parallel narratives, looking at those who made it and have taken care of it for so many years, along with some of the personal stories of the many organists who have played it over the last 122 years, many of whom are household names in the musical world, such as Michael Van Dessel.  Featuring an interview on location with the current organist, Brendan McCourt, along with interviews with Brian McIvor, audiovisual producer & broadcaster, Annalisa Monticelli, Programme Director & Répétiteur at Dundalk IT, Brian Walsh, Curator, Louth County Museum and Anne Ward, Former County Librarian & Choir Member, along with archive material, the documentary attempts to uncover the history of Louth’s Hidden Musical Gem for all the world to hear.  The documentary was funded by Coimisiún na Meán with the Television Licence Fee@littleroadprods - Twitter@littleroadproductions – Facebook
  • LMFM TY Media Week

    LMFM's TY Media Week in association with Learning Waves and the BAI.The TY students have been busy learning all things radio and have produced their OWN radio programme which was broadcast live on Easter Monday.Congratulations to all who took part!
  • Mike Bunn - In Camera

    Mike Bunn, the renowned photographer, who celebrates his 80th Birthday this year, recalls moments from a remarkable life in conversation with Gerry Kelly. Yes the man behind the lens is In Camera for once in his life....
  • "Joey" - The Story Of Joey Maher

    "Joey" tells the story of former World Handball champion Joey Maher, looking back on the Drogheda native's career and the many interests he had away from the alley.
  • IMAGINERS Documentary by Neuroscientist, Dr Sabina Brennan

    Did you know that Migraine is the 7th most debilitating condition in the World, affecting up to 12% of the population!On a personal level Neuroscientist, Dr Sabina Brennan, knows all about Migraine and has encountered it extensively through her work.She wants to bust the myth that Migraine is just a headache but rather a neurological condition that can be treated and requires greater understanding all round.For the next hour, Dr Sabina Brennan shines a light on Migraine with her Documentary “Imaginers”  ……..
  • Thomas D'arcy McGee

    He was an Irish revolutionary who went on to become one of the founders of Canada and was assassinated by the Fenians. The documentary, ‘Thomas D’arcy McGee: Irish Rebel, Canadian Patriot’ tells the story of this remarkable Carlingford man. Hear this remarkable documentary LMFM Monday December 30th at 12 noon. Produced for LMFM by Jim Doherty, funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the Television licence fee.