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Friday 16th of June 2023

After hefty negotiations with the French authorities over the incident in Cannes Niall O Brien is back with us just in time too as he almost missed The Flash big return to cinemas, plus the weird and wonderful anthology Black Mirror returns for a 6th season on Netflix.

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  • Reel Reviews Friday July 28th 2023

    Niall's feeling totally tubular that teenage mutant ninja turtles are back in cinemas, plus nice relaxing rom com to kickback with on Netflix
  • An Impossible mission

    Aged 61 Tom Cruise continues to astound audiences with his death defying stunts and the latest mission impossible movie is no different Niall O Brien gives his views on dead reckoning part1, a sequel to 2018 Bird Box arrives on Netflix and we have some great tv movies for the weekend.
  • Friday 23rd of June 2023

    This week marvel are back with another series landing on Disney and Niall is contractually obliged to tell us all about it plus Jennifer Lawrence is back in gross out comedy No hard feelings
  • Reel Reviews June 2nd 2023

    Niall has been sent to jail in Cannes for reasons that may involve an incident at an Indiana Jones movie so new kid on the block Cathal Thornton has stepped in this week we go across the spiderverse and into deadloch!
  • Reel Reviews 19th of May 2023

    Film 10 in the fast and furious franchise roars into cinema but is it worth seeing plus things are quiet on Netflix
  • Reel Reviews 12th of May 2023

    This week Niall is headed to Italy as book club the next chapter head on a bachelorette party in Italy, Jennifer Lopez is fighting fit in Mother and we have some great TV movie recommendations for you.
  • Reel Reviews 5th of May 2023

    Did someone say new Marvel Movie, Niall O Brien has all the details on the new Galaxy of the Guardians movie, then it's time to tighten the corset as Queen Charlotte gets her own Bridgerton spin off series and Niall has some great TV movies for the weekend.
  • Reel Reviews April 28th 2023

    This week Sinéad may only know him as the man on the name of the damn good grill but there's so much more to George Forman Niall gives his views on this legendary boxers career as Big George Foreman is released. Spies and espionage with a lot of great action from the Russo brothers Niall watches the first episode of Citadel on prime plus we have TV movies for the weekend.