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COASTIN' - Ian Boswell

Season 1, Ep. 1

New year - new feed. English spoken. For all the non dutchies. This first episode also on the Live Slow Ride Fast feed. Make sure to subscribe to the Coastin' feed though!

Ian Boswell, who else? Laurens and Stefan have a special guest. They talk about Ian’s 2021, the epic Migration Gravel Race, and of course - the most important gravel race of the year - Unbound. The race analysis, from the inside, from the expert.

Wasn’t it Joop, that said: “The bike the bike, that all I like”. Well, not for us. We cover life on, and off the bike. 

This is Coastin’ - the live slow ride fast podcast.


We continue a series of podcasts in which we dive into the world of gravel. Into the minds of its star racers, race organisers and other subject matter experts.

So the search continues: What is it, when people talk about the spirit of gravel? How do gravel races differ from road events? How’s the US gravel culture compared to Europe’s gravel scene? What’s with the gear, what’s hot and whats not?


So join us for another episode of Coastin’ - powered by Shimano GRX and Specialized.

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