Live, Laugh, Lovecraft

Enter into a world of fantasy-fueled cosmic horror, improv comedy and goblin cookery with Sam McKay, Steve Cross, Lucy Eckersley, Kate Hunter and Zoë McGee.

Sam McKay

Contrary to popular belief Sam is not in fact a 23 year old human male but a skin husk used by the goblin Mungbean to get between bee hives during the day. He's also the youngest (and only) DM on Live, Laugh, Lovecraft and will happily feature as a guest on your stream/podcast - although he exclusively embodies Mungbean during such outings.

Steve Cross

Manic Pixie Dream Dad Steve Cross is the founder of Bright Club and Science Show Off. He's a professional funny man and teaches clever people to be funny for money. When he's not playing everyone's favourite goblin chef he can be found embodying Dwarf sorcerer Chagrin Battlefounder on the wonderful Chaotic Adequate.

Lucy Eckersley

Lucy is a live and dead animal wrangler by trade and can often be seen around the UKs green spaces hunting down unsuspecting animals with camera in hand. You might know her from the History channel's "The Truth is Out There" if so, please stop stalking her. Lucy owns several bladed weapons.

Zoë McGee

Former professional boardgame explainer Zoë McGee is finishing a PhD on representations of meaningful consent in 18th century literature. (She still hasn’t managed to explain to Sam that that’s not the same as the Victorians.) She enjoys books, bad puns, and ballroom dancing – and will happily talk your ear off about any and all of the above.

Kate Hunter

Kate Hunter is unavailable for comment. All we know is that she’s a writer, actor, and educator- and just like Kate we have no idea what that means.