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Take your business global and move to Mauritius

Season 2, Ep. 2

With a stable economy and constant developments, Mauritius is well known for welcoming expat from all around the globe.

Only 4 hr away to Cape Town, Bruce Milligan, a South African who relocated to Mauritius 8 months ago with his family tells us more about this exciting adventure of his. 

Bruce will also give you some valuable advice, like the vast opportunity to create new businesses, and how easy it can be done with the facilities put in place. Bruce also teach us to choose an established Real Estate company which will help you choose your comfort.

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  • 1. Luxury property in Mauritius: A growing market with excellent investment value

    Mauritius has known some serious change in terms of it's economy. From Sugarcane mono culture in 1968 to sectors such as Tourism, Export Processing Zone or even the Real Estate Sector. The Economic Stability and Growth of the Island is mainly due to the implementation of a diverse economy.With the different schemes that the Mauritian Government put in place to keep the economic blooming, the Real Estate Sector for example offer some of the Luxurious Property investment in the Indian Ocean.
  • 5. Setting up your new dream home in 7 steps in Mauritius

    It’s perfectly possible to recreate that same cosy feeling you’ve been used to on the other side of the world! ENL Property’s interior design consultant, Louisa shares her secrets to make a success of your interior decoration and make you feel at home.Here are the 7 steps to set up your new dream home in Mauritius.Think big!Define your style and needsSet a budget and scheduleArrange the spaceChoose the materials and furniture styleChoose the color scheme, textures, fabrics and artifactsEnsure the follow-up and implementation
  • 4. 5 Steps to buying property in Mauritius

    As a foreigner wishing to acquire a property in Mauritius, you might certainly be asking yourself these questions:• What kind of property am I buying, for whom, and for what?• Do I need a residence permit?• Am I willing to go off-plan?• Who am I buying from?• Can I afford it?Learn more about the 5 steps to buying a property in Mauritius as a foreigner.Other relevant articles:Your guide to moving to Mauritius8 essential things to know about MauritiusLand Investment – A Regional Analysis of Real Estate Value
  • 3. Your guide to Moving to Mauritius

    You have been seduced by its mind-blowing scenery and relaxed atmosphere and have finally decided to take the plunge.All the necessary permits to move to Mauritius are here but don't know how to engage the transition? Don't worry, we got your back.Here's your guide to moving to Mauritius.Related article: Your guide to moving to MauritiusOther relevant articles:Magical little pieces of land spread around MauritiusLand Investment – A Regional Analysis of Real Estate ValueMauritius: a watersport paradise
  • 2. 8 Essential things to know about Mauritius

    Why come to live in Mauritius?The multicultural heritage of the country is reflected in various aspects of everyday life such as language, cuisine, religious traditions and customs. Mauritius boasts beautiful beaches, a pleasant climate and friendly inhabitants. Lots of people have heard about the island but how many of them actually know it? To gain deeper insight, here is a brief recap of 8 essential things to know about this jewel in the Indian Ocean.Related article: relevant articles:Your guide to moving to MauritiusTop 6 resto-bars in the west coast of MauritiusLa Balise Marina, an amazing playground for adventures
  • 1. 6 Reasons why moving to Mauritius will make for a healthier lifestyle

    Beyond its mind-blowing scenery and relaxed atmosphere, Mauritius is a natural haven for healthcare. In this podcast, you will discover 6 reasons why choosing to live in Mauritius will make for a healthier lifestyle.Related article: relevant articles:Your guide to moving to MauritiusEducation in MauritiusMauritius, the perfect setting for retirement