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Ukrainian Fashion Mini Series: Katya Hermann of My Sleeping Gypsy

Season 2, Ep. 4

On this final episode of our Ukranian Fashion Mini Series we interview Katya Herman, the Creative Director of My Sleeping Gypsy. She’s also one of the brand’s 6 female founders who vote on every decision the brand makes. 

Yes, before anyone asks, part of this conversation is about their choice of name, and why they have stuck with it. Katya is very open to explaining their perspective. If you allow her to do that, you might be surprised and change your mind about your opinion of the name. 

My Sleeping Gypsy is a gorgeous luxury brand that is dedicated to producing apparel ethically. On their website it clearly states: “We care to be environmentalists more than fashionistas.” They are working to save and protect historic practices and techniques which we are losing every day. And right now, in the middle of a war, Katya and the women she works with are scattered across Europe. That hasn't stopped them from actively working to “reestablish cultural heritage in a contemporary way.”

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