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Little Red Village

Sarah Scaturro Conservator, Curator, and Historian

Season 2, Ep. 6

Sarah Scaturro is a conservator, curator, and historian. She formerly worked at the Met's Costume Institute and then left that position to become the Eric and Jane Nord chief conservator at the Cleveland Museum of Art at the Met.

Like many of the people we have spoken with Sara's career path was not a straight line. She had a fantastic teacher early on whose support led to her study in chemistry in college. And as you'll hear her say in this interview, the places where stem and fashion overlap are incredibly important to her as a conservator.

You probably saw Sarah Scaturro's name all over the news coverage, which followed this year's Met Gala. The show was titled America an Anthology of Fashion, a certain person whose name we're not going to mention here (Kim Kardashian), wore a famous dress designed by the Oscar winning costume designer Jean Louis, and had been warned by Marilyn Monroe. From the New York Times to Women's Wear Daily, Sarah explained why this mattered why it was dangerous to fashion museums and to private collections. It's a long story and not one that we're going to get into here today.

Today we will be discussing Sarahs career as a whole and the importance of STEM in fashion.

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