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Lighting A Fire

Earth Day! with Kyle Meyaard-Schaap

Season 1, Ep. 25

Join Kyle Meyaard-Schaap for a special Earth Day episode!

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  • 28. Storytelling with Paul McCusker

    Join us for a conversation with storyteller Paul McCusker. Paul is perhaps best known for his work with Adventures in Odyssey over the years, but has also directed and produced high quality audio dramas available through the Augustine Institute and the Focus on the Family Radio Theatre.
  • 27. Where Do We Go From Here? Following Jesus in Polarizing Times

    Michael Gulker president of the Colossian Forum is back for a follow-up conversation on following Jesus in polarizing times. You can hear the pre-presidential election episode here.
  • 26. More to Math - with Tom Clark and Mike Janssen

    Dordt Math professors show Bryant that there's more to Math.
  • 22. Faith & Culture - with Lecrae and Ray VanderLaan

    Join Bible teacher Ray VanderLaan and Hip-Hop artist Lecrae for a conversation about the relationship between faith and culture. How does seeking to understand the world of the Bible and the Jewishness of Jesus impact our engagement? What's the relationship between a Christian and the broader culture supposed to be like? From its outset Christianity has been a multi-cultural, multi-national, multi-ethnic faith. What are some challenges and opportunities of this reality? ...and more!
  • 21. God's Word Like You've Never Heard

    You've heard of translating the Bible into different languages, but the guys at Streetlights are passionate about a different kind of translation: translation into the heart language of urban culture around the world. Join Bryant in conversation with Vice-Director Loren La Luz as they discuss the mission and vision behind the movement.
  • 20. The Future of Faith - with Brooke Hempell

    Brooke Hempell, V.P. of Research at Barna Group talks Generation Z and the future of Christianity in the U.S..