Lifestyle Democracy

Lifestyle Democracy is a community that discusses, acts, and lives the principles of democracy. It is about making democracy tangible for individuals and communities, today.

What we will discuss?

We will host champions of democracy, individuals and communities around the world, who will share their stories about how they are practicing democracy in different areas of our lives such as at work, at home, in the family, in the digital space, and more. We will discuss questions such as: how can we democratize work? How do we democratize education? What does digital democracy mean? How do we democratize artificial intelligence? How can we empower our personal and work relationships through strengthening our understanding of democratic principles?

Through these stories, you will learn about actionable steps you can take to make democracy happen today or strategic steps for the future so you can create a better world through applying democratic principles. It is about sharing the daily tactics that have worked for others, as well as the lessons from the failures, so we can empower individuals and communities to achieve their goals.

At Lifestyle Democracy, we believe that democracy is a lifestyle. It is a form of governance that empowers communities and individuals beyond just casting a ballot in a voting box. It is about discussing where democracy succeeds, where it fails, and where it is lacking, taking action to apply the lessons learned from the discussions, and living the principles of democracy. Lifestyle Democracy strengthens democracy by increasing our understanding and its day-to-day application in a fast-changing world.

What we will NOT discuss?

This is not a podcast that covers daily politics or news commentaries.


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Stefan Ivanovski

Stefan Ivanovski, a Phi Beta Kappa, is the founder and leading contributor of Lifestyle Democracy. His quest to understand democracy started in 2010, when he first learned about the worker-recovered enterprises in Argentina. This experience inspired him to write an honors thesis for which he won the Phi Beta Kappa Award in 2012. In this podcast, he will share the stories of the champions of democracy, those who practice democracy in the areas where we spend most of our lives, such as at work, at school, and our relationships.