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Paving the Way for Women to Compete: Rachel Barenbaum's National Squash Championship Ring

Ep. 19

On today's episode of Life's Accessories, Rachel and Stephanie welcome guest Rachel Barenbaum. Rachel is not only an author, book reviewer and podcast host, she is a Harvard University graduate who is also a National Squash Team Champion! Rachel tells the story behind her championship ring, and the meaning behind it. Rachel shares what it was like to compete at the collegiate level, and how her love for sports carries with her today as she coaches her daughter's basketball team! Rachel began her career in finance, and is currently a novelist. Her most recent book Atomic Anna, was released in 2022. Her debut novel is A Bend in the Stars. Rachel also hosts "Check this Out", a podcast sponsored by the Howe Library which introduces readers to new and diverse authors.

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Rachel's Harper's Bazaar article "The Sports Bra Gave Us the Freedom to Compete"

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