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Fashion Designer/Entrepreneur Liz Lange and Her Rope Gold Bracelet

Ep. 15

American fashion designer, entrepreneur, retail pioneer, author, and family storyteller/podcast host Liz Lange joins Rachel and Stephanie for this episode of Life's Accessories. Liz shares the story behind her special rope and gold bracelet, and her love for all things gold (plus rope belts and kaftans!) when it comes to fashion. Hear what Liz has to say about her 2020 acquisition of Figue, a New York-based luxury resort-wear brand, and female-led company, where she is now the CEO and Creative Director.


We travel back in time to when Liz was at the helm of Liz Lange Maternity, a brand that reimagined and reshaped the way women thought about dressing while pregnant (not to mention keeping unnecessary ruffles and bows out of the maternity fashion mix)! We talk about her podcast, The Just Enough Family, and get Liz's take on how to accessorize any outfit! And yes we do go there as we discuss Portia's chaotic and on brand wardrobe choices in The White Lotus because how can you not?

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