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Journalist Claudia Joseph and THE Princess Diana/John Travolta Dress

Ep. 18

Who can forget that iconic blue velvet dress worn by the late Princess Diana when she danced with John Travolta at a White House event in 1985?! Rachel and Stephanie certainly cannot! On today's episode, Rachel and Stephanie travel across the pond, and welcome Claudia Joseph, London-based journalist, author, and genealogist, whose latest book, Diana: A Life in Dresses, chronicles Princess Diana's style evolution. Claudia shares with us a very special accessory -- an original sketch of that unforgettable dress, made especially for Claudia by Victor Edelstein, who designed many of Diana's dresses, including the "Travolta Dress". Rachel, Stephanie, and Claudia talk about the style evolution of Princess Diana and other members of the Royal Family (hint, Camilla, Kate and just a bit on Meghan.)

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