Roots in nature

Season 1, Ep. 2

The ‘LIFE is 30’ podcast series celebrates the LIFE Programme’s 30th anniversary, and three decades of environmental and climate actions.

The LIFE Programme is closely associated with the EU Habitats Directive, which first became law in 1992. This legislation protects thousands of animal and plant species and some 200 vulnerable habitat types. 

This episode, ‘Roots in nature’, follows the work of four projects that have transformed habitats and the biodiversity within them: we showcase restored dunes in the Netherlands, we learn about revitalised grasslands in Estonia, we follow the fortunes of the magnificent great bustard in central Europe and we chart the migration of the twaite shad up the river Severn in the UK.

We also speak to two senior officials (including director for biodiversity Humberto Delgado Rosa) from the environment department of the European Commission about the policy perspective on habitats, and Europe’s ambitious goals for nature protection and restoration, including a recent ground-breaking proposal for a nature restoration law.

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