How to save a species

Season 1, Ep. 3

'How to save a species' shows that species on the edge of extinction can recover, thanks to the passion and commitment of the men and women working on the ground and supported by the LIFE Programme during the past thirty years. We talk with Miguel Ángel Simón who spearheaded the successful conservation of the Iberian lynx, visit a sanctuary for the roseate tern, hear from Spyros Kotomatas who is working to save the Mediterranean monk seal and Joëlle Huysecom from Natagora who describes LIFE Connexions’ work on the violet copper butterfly and the freshwater pearl mussel. 

Conservation is not only about saving iconic species, it’s also about restoring and protecting habitats, food chains and Earth’s web of life. Species recovery is an essential part of any ecosystem's long-term resiliency and health. The last word in #LIFEis30 ‘How to save a species’ goes to Florika Fink-Hooijer, director-general of the European Commission’s environment directorate, who explains how new proposals from Brussels could soon make nature restoration a legal obligation for national governments.

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