Life In The Stocks


#240 Paul Stanley (Kiss)

Season 3, Ep. 240

Episode 240 of Life In The Stocks features the one and only Paul Stanley from Kiss. I'd never met Paul Stanley before this Zoom call, and I've wanted to interview him for years, so it was an absolute pleasure to finally sit down with the Starchild and hear about his time in the hottest band in the world. We talk about his 45 year friendship with Gene Simmons, the creative and interpersonal dynamics within Kiss, original line-ups, evolving over time, doing what you love, never backing down, the legacy of Kiss, the strong possibility that the band will continue without Gene & Paul, and Paul's latest solo project, Soul Station. His new album, Now And Then, is out NOW and it's frickin' awesome. If you like soul music, you will LOVE it.

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