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  • 34. Pride and NO Prejudice

    In their first episode back together in the same room! Sam and Dan have a proper catch up talking all things Boy George, Disability Pride, Cats and more is this the best podcast since sliced bread?

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  • 33. Luscious Locks and Cat Lady

    In this episode Sam and Dan talk about the issues of using power chairs the state of Dan's ever so curly locks and of course cats!
  • 32. He-Man and Passports

    In this Episode Sam and Dan, Talk Sam’s childhood crush on Dolph Lungren as He-Man, If Dan should keep his curly hair. The complexity and of Vaccine Passports and Sam accidentally is muted by Dan!!
  • 31. Cats, PA's and Amzon Deliveries

    In this Episode Sam and Dan talk about the complicated business but also very personal relationships between Disabled People and their PA’s Lola the cat makes a live appearance, and Same gets and Amazon Delivery while live on air!
  • 30. Uptight and Shaven

    In this episode Sam and Dan discussing disclosing your impairment in terms of work. Should Dan have a lynx / Axe advert. Discriminatory comedians, bad government surveys and has the world gone backwards? 
  • 29. Jibber and Jabber

    In this week’s Episode Sam and Dan, talk about Dan getting his COVID Jab plus the new rules around people with Learning Disabilities getting theirs. The gaps between support from being a disabled child to disabled adult. Not forgetting if cats would get more views on YouTube than Dan.
  • 28. Barbie and Ken

    In this episode Sam and Dan talk about Sam her Ken doll Valentines Day date, Tamagotchi and pancakes and a few things in between.