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Breaking the Mould of your Sexuality with Sex & Relationship Coach Myisha Battle (Part I)

Season 1, Ep. 6
Coming into this episode, I recommend to do so with a clean slate - much like San Francisco-based Sex and Relationship coach Myisha Battle does it with her the end of this two-part episode however, you would have hopefully arrived home to yourself.This is what is unique about Myisha's work - she explores the various sex and dating tales with her clients and takes them on a journey from self-discovery, acceptance and eventually adventure. Free of judgement or need for incessant advice, Myisha has mastered something we don't do very much as humans - to hold space and provide an external perspective to help people grow into their sexual power.In Part I, we talk about what's 'normal' when to comes to orgasms and pleasure, getting to know your body and harnessing your power to ask for what you want, both sexually and in relationship, as well as why it’s important to date someone who isn’t your ‘type’.We also tackle the ultimate question - are millennials the least sexually active generation?About the guestMyishais a certified sex and dating coach, feminist and founder of Sex for Life, LLC, which is home to her sex and dating coaching practice and my sex-positive podcastDown for Whatever, which explores almost every aspect of human sexuality.Follow Myisha on Instagram to learn more about her work and join her monthly Q&A on sex and relationships.Mentioned in this episodeTune in to two upcoming classes with Myisha Battle on All Bodies this month. These will take place on March 15th and March 24th. For more information, go to and click on "Take Class" to access more resources.Make Love not Porn Down for Whatever Podcast More TonicFollow the host Tonic Thoughts on Instagram