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Life...On Our Terms

Mental Health...On Our Terms ft. Lorraine Pascale

Season 1, Ep. 8

This week, it’s the series finale of Life...On Our Terms and we’re joined by the wonderful Lorraine Pascale! Lorraine is of course a renowned TV chef and model, but recent years have seen Lorraine dive headfirst into mental health advocacy. In this episode, Lorraine and Gemma will discuss Lorraine’s approach to mental health, how she believes in helping people find and use their strengths and how resilience can come from cultivating your own inner cheerleader.

As well as Lorraine, Gemma is later joined by Zara, who’s studying for a degree in Psychology with Counselling at The Open University, all whilst maintaining a career as a support advisor for those with histories of alcohol and substance abuse. Through studying with the OU Zara has managed to break down her own barriers and develop the tools needed to follow a path she is immensely proud of. We’ll also hear how her degree has empowered her with the confidence to contribute both at work and at university, as well as Zara’s thoughts on the wealth and diversity of resources available at The Open University.

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  • Welcome to Life...On Our Terms

    Life…On Our Terms is the podcast that shines a light on amazing individuals who’ve rewritten the rules and forged their own successful paths. Presented by Gemma Cairney, this series with The Open University features sit-down chats with remarkable guests as we ask what they think about education, and how being able to learn in a way that works for them is key to achieving their ambitions. Each week, Gemma will be joined by a guest such as George The Poet, Jamal Edwards or Lavinya Stennett, as well as students from The Open University. It will leave you feeling inspired about what’s possible, and with a few ideas on what those first steps could look like for you.Set your ambition free with The Open University. Find out more at: Listen & Acast Creative production for The Open University. 
  • 1. Education...On Our Terms ft. George The Poet

    In our debut episode, Gemma is joined by the supremely talented George the Poet to talk all things education. George joins Gemma to talk about his love of lifelong learning, how we can make education more inclusive, and the many ways in which we can learn and unlock our full potential.As well as George the Poet, Gemma is later joined by Syed - who decided to follow his ambition when an Ofsted inspector visited the school he worked at, recommending he study at the OU. Like George, Gemma and The Open University, Syed believes whole-heartedly in the power of education, and living life on your own terms. 
  • 2. Sport...On Our Terms ft. Rasmus Ankersen

    On this episode of Life…On Our Terms host Gemma Cairney takes a look at how to do things differently in the world of sport with a genuine modern-day innovator - Rasmus Ankersen. Rasmus is a performance specialist, an entrepreneur, a best-selling author and, most notably, Co-Director of Football at Brentford FC. We hear how Rasmus uses some fresh approaches, including data-driven decision making and a new way to nurture talent, to transform how learning is achieved in sport.As part of this episode Gemma is also joined by Bobby, a student with The Open University and a professional football player, to discuss keeping your options open, planning for the future and finding a balance in life.
  • 3. Historical Awareness…On Our Terms ft. Lavinya Stennett

    On this week’s episode of Life...On Our Terms, host Gemma Cairney is talking to education activist Lavinya Stennett, founder and CEO at The Black Curriculum. By campaigning for black history to be embedded in the national syllabus, Lavinya is working tirelessly to ensure the future of education involves a curriculum that reflects all of us. Together, Gemma and Lavinya will be discussing how broadening our knowledge and challenging the narratives we’re presented with are routes to lasting change, both for ourselves and in society.Gemma is later joined in the episode by Abiola, a student at The Open University and someone else who is making a positive impact. They discuss how he is completing his degree in Computing and IT, whilst balancing a career that’s helping tackle climate change. Abiola explains there isn’t just one way to study anything. See for privacy and opt-out information.
  • 4. Tech…On Our Terms ft. Sharmadean Reid

    This week, Life...On Our Terms host Gemma Cairney is talking to Sharmadean Reid, founder of the digital beauty and wellness platform Beautystack. From Beautystack, to WAH Nails and Future Girl Corp, Sharmadean has made it her goal to empower and connect both customers and professionals with the use of technology. In this episode, Gemma asks Sharmadean about starting a business from scratch, the ability to reskill and how self-confidence can come from the knowledge we gain.Gemma is later joined by Daniel, a student with The Open University and a junior network engineer who is studying Computing & IT. Together, the two discuss the sense of community at The Open University and the importance of flexibility as part of achieving your ambition.See for privacy and opt-out information.
  • 5. Language...On Our Terms ft. Mark Grist

    On this week’s episode of Life...On Our Terms, host Gemma Cairney is talking to teacher, poet and rap-battle extraordinaire Mark Grist. Mark joins Gemma to ask how the power of language can unlock that creative spark for anyone. Together they discuss how being able to explore things in your own way, without fear of making mistakes, is the key to opening up people’s perspectives. Rap-battling has inspired Mark to spread the message that despite what some say, we can teach both originality and flair.As well as Mark Grist, Gemma is later joined by Samuel, a Psychology student at The Open University who combines his studies with a career as a learning support assistant. Samuel is passionate about the doors that education can unlock, if it’s communicated in a way that works for you, and likewise, how The Open University has fostered a sense of community that connects you both on an academic and social level.See for privacy and opt-out information. 
  • 6. Science...On Our Terms ft. Dr. Ranj Singh

    This week on Life...On Our Terms, host Gemma Cairney is talking to NHS Doctor and BAFTA Award-Winning TV Presenter Dr. Ranj Singh. Dr. Ranj has worked across a range of roles related to health, medicine and the broadcast industry and has as such found lifelong learning to be one of the guiding principles in how he keeps achieving his goals. Together, Gemma and Dr. Ranj will discuss the importance of making scientific careers accessible to all, and likewise, how flexibility and balance could be the answer to ensuring we all pursue what we love doing.Gemma is later joined by Jezanne, a Health Science student at The Open University who is balancing her degree with a thriving career in Medical Governance. Gemma and Jezanne link up to discuss breaking the archetype of who works in STEM, as-well as the ways in which a degree can provide you with new opportunities you didn’t think were possible. See for privacy and opt-out information.
  • 7. Entrepreneurship...On Our Terms ft. Jamal Edwards

    On this week’s episode of Life...On Our Terms, host Gemma Cairney is talking to entrepreneur, film maker and music executive Jamal Edwards MBE. As founder of SBTV he was able to grow the online music channel into a YouTube heavyweight with over a million subscribers, making Jamal the ideal voice to help us understand how other budding entrepreneurs can get their start. Together, Gemma and Jamal will be discussing building success from scratch, the importance of mentorship and why being open and receptive to new ideas is a key part of learning.Gemma is later joined by Isabelle, a student with The Open University, who like Jamal - thrives off setting her own goals and achieving them. They discuss how Isabelle’s qualification is starting her off on a journey towards her dream career, the satisfaction of excelling and how she’s applying the skills she’s learning to her very own beauty vlog and YouTube channel.See for privacy and opt-out information.