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Let’s Talk About Some Law and Rights with Atty. Gab Ablola

Ep. 158

Knowing and understanding laws and rights is crucial. Laws and rights are designed to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals. By being aware of these laws, individuals can safeguard their rights and ensure they are not violated by others or the government. Ignorance of the law is not a valid defense if you violate it. Knowing the laws helps you understand what is legal and what is not, allowing you to act responsibly and avoid engaging in illegal activities. Understanding laws and rights can help in resolving conflicts and disputes. It provides a framework for mediation, negotiation, and legal proceedings, ensuring that conflicts are resolved fairly and justly. Knowledge of laws and rights empowers individuals to assert their rights and advocate for themselves. It enables individuals to make informed decisions, seek legal remedies, and actively participate in society. In summary, knowing laws and rights are important for protecting individual rights, maintaining social order, promoting equality and justice, resolving conflicts, and actively participating in society. It empowers individuals and ensures a fair and just society for all.

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  • 171. Secured Men Are Not Intimidate by Successful Women

    Opinions among men regarding independent women can vary greatly. Some men highly respect and appreciate independent women, recognizing their strength, ambition, and self-sufficiency. They see these qualities as attractive and desirable, valuing a partner who is confident, capable, and able to pursue her own goals and dreams. These men view independent women as equals, appreciating their ability to contribute to a relationship on an equal footing. However, it is important to note that not all men may share this perspective. Some men may feel threatened or intimidated by independent women, perceiving them as a challenge to traditional gender roles or societal expectations. It is crucial to remember that these views are not representative of all men, as individuals have diverse attitudes and beliefs. Ultimately, a person's perception of independent women is shaped by their personal experiences, values, and understanding of gender dynamics.Follow me on IG: Life in Progress on IG: me on Tiktok:
  • 170. Status Quo is Meh, Let’s Do Fearless Things

    Questioning the status quo as a woman is an act of empowerment, courage, and resilience. It involves challenging societal norms, stereotypes, and expectations that may limit or marginalize women. By questioning the status quo, women are able to challenge and dismantle ingrained biases and discriminatory practices that hinder their progress and equality. It is through this process of questioning that women can redefine their roles, aspirations, and possibilities, paving the way for greater gender equality and opportunities. By daring to challenge the status quo, women become catalysts for change, inspiring others to question and challenge the existing norms, and creating a more inclusive and equitable society. Follow me on IG: Follow Life in Progress on IG: Follow me on Tiktok:
  • 169. Discipline > Motivation Always

    Discipline is more important than motivation because motivation can be fleeting and unreliable. While motivation can give you an initial burst of energy and enthusiasm, it often wanes over time. Discipline, on the other hand, is the ability to consistently take action and stay committed to your goals, even when you don't feel motivated. It is the internal drive and self-control that allows you to push through challenges, distractions, and setbacks. Discipline helps you develop a routine, stick to deadlines, and maintain consistency in your efforts. It enables you to make progress even when you don't feel like it. Ultimately, discipline is what sustains long-term success and helps you achieve your goals, regardless of whether motivation is present or not. Follow me on IG: Follow Life in Progress on IG: Follow me on Tiktok:
  • My 12 Entrepreneurship Pillars

    We just recently celebrated the 12 years of my business Access Travel and I cannot believe that we made it this far. This is my soul and this business created the person I am today and I will always be proud of everything we have accomplished. The journey was not an easy one but everything paid off, I have always enjoyed doing things differently, I have my own definition of success and I honestly love that I never really cared about what other people. In fact, never did and never will. I believe that people come and go but I am never losing myself, my business is something I really value, and put work into it every single day. Life is a strange thing, one day we dream then one day we find ourselves living the dream every single day. What is the dream you wish to pursue in this lifetime? Here are my 12 Entrepreneurship Pillars: Passion and Vision Constant Innovation Customer-centric approach Resilience Attention to detail Cultural Sensitivity Communication Adaptability Creativity Problem-Solving Global Perspective Setting Long-Term GoalsFollow me on IG: Life in Progress on IG: me on Tiktok: 
  • 168. How to Lessen Procrastination

    To lessen procrastination, start by setting clear goals and breaking them down into smaller, manageable tasks. Prioritize your tasks and create a schedule or to-do list to stay organized. Minimize distractions and create a focused work environment. Find your motivation and tap into it to stay on track. Break tasks into smaller steps to make them more approachable. Practice self-discipline, seek support and accountability, and reflect on the negative consequences of procrastination. Remember, it takes time and effort to overcome procrastination, so be patient and persistent in your efforts. Follow me on IG: Life in Progress on IG: me on Tiktok:
  • 166. Is There Really an Average Person?

    The concept of an "average person" is a subjective one and can vary depending on the context in which it is used. Human beings are incredibly diverse in terms of their backgrounds, experiences, abilities, interests, and aspirations. Each person has a unique combination of qualities and traits that make them distinct.There is no average person, we are capable of believing in ourselves and wanting to do better things and living a better life. If you believe you can, you will, and slowly all your actions will start to align with your goals and where you want to see yourself. The first step is to believe!Follow me on IG: Life in Progress on IG: me on Tiktok:
  • 165. Why People Hate On Your Success

    People sometimes hate to see others succeed due to a complex interplay of emotions and psychological factors. Insecurity plays a significant role, as witnessing someone else's success can trigger feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt. Envy can also arise when individuals compare themselves to successful people and feel a sense of unfairness or frustration about their own circumstances. Fear of change can contribute to negative reactions, as success often brings about shifts in dynamics or routines that some individuals find unsettling. Additionally, past negative experiences with successful individuals or a cultural tendency to criticize those who excel may further fuel resentment towards others' success. While not everyone harbors these sentiments, these factors can contribute to a dislike or aversion towards witnessing the success of others.Follow me on IG: Life in Progress on IG: me on Tiktok:
  • 164. Down Moments Make Us Mentally Strong

    Down moments have a unique way of fostering mental strength within us. While they often bring discomfort and hardships, they present an opportunity for growth and resilience. These challenging moments force us to confront our limitations, face adversity, and develop coping strategies. As we navigate through the darkness, we learn valuable lessons about ourselves, our capabilities, and our inner strength. Each setback becomes a stepping stone toward personal growth and a deeper understanding of our own resilience. By embracing these down moments and persevering through them, we emerge mentally stronger, equipped with the resilience and determination to face future obstacles with courage and perseverance.Follow me on IG: Life in Progress on IG: me on Tiktok:
  • 163. One Thing I Still Regret Sometimes

    Reflecting on my college experience, I deeply regret not taking my college degree more seriously. I now realize the immense value and opportunities that a college education can provide. By not fully dedicating myself to my studies, I missed out on the chance to acquire a comprehensive understanding of my chosen field and develop critical skills that would have benefited me in my career. I wish I had recognized the importance of networking, seeking internships, and engaging with professors and peers. Taking my college degree seriously would have allowed me to maximize my potential, broaden my knowledge, and set a strong foundation for my future endeavors. Looking back, I understand the significance of approaching college with diligence, discipline, and a genuine thirst for learning.Follow me on IG: Life in Progress on IG: me on Tiktok: gift for our community SHOPEECode: HAPPILIFE10 Promo: Get 10% OFF storewide minimum spend ₱599 until August 31, 2023 on Happilab ShopeeMall store LAZADACode: HAPPY LIFE Promo: Get 10% OFF storewide minimum spend ₱599 until August 31, 2023 on Happilab LazMall store