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  • 45. Are you Present? From Mind Full to Mindful

    How do you stay present in a world of distractions? This episode talks about your wiring - whether you're past- or future-oriented - and how that prevents you from feeling present.I provide practical tools on ways to get present as well as a visualization you can listen to that can help you get into a state of flow. In a flow state, you are fully present.Here's the hyperlink to my written blog so you can access the tools and visualization.

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  • 44. Blind Ambition

    I've recently realized that I'm ambitious. It's kind of shocking because I always saw myself as not ambitious. I figured out what led me to change and the key difference between me today and my 29-year-old self. Listen for more.If you want to hear the previous episode I referenced about quitting work when our kids were young, click here.
  • 43. Busted! (By My Smartphone)

    My phone busted over the weekend. Three things happened as a result: missed calls, mixed messages, and lost connectivity.My frustrating inability to communicate with the external world using the primary tool used today, the smartphone, got me thinking about (mis)communication in general. Miscommunication causes confusion, misunderstanding, and even distrust. I asked myself,  What does good communication look like?My answer brought me back to Marshall McLuhan: the medium is the message. 
  • 42. Navigating Life’s Journey: The Power of Finding your North Star

    Find your North Star by connecting purpose and vision. You’ll stay on course, maintain pace through your internal motivation, and reach your destination.  Start with your purpose. If you want to learn yours, attend my live-in-person workshop, Ignite Your Why! on Tuesday, November 21 at 7 PM. 
  • 41. 12 Warning Signs You Have Imposter Syndrome

    Most people experience Imposter Syndrome at one point in their life (or more!). And, while it may not feel good, it's usually a sign you're growing personally and/or professionally. Listen to this episode for the 12 warning signs you may have it after which I'll provide guidance on what you can do about it.
  • 40. What Yoga Has Taught Me

    I’ve done yoga a long time – 25 years, in fact – and I've learned so much from it. Key elements include body wisdom, emotions, energy, and breath. I'll discuss these core learnings on today's episode.
  • 39. The Principles of Home Design

    Design means “creating and executing according to a plan or vision.” The principles of home design incorporate internal and external elements. Questions addressed in this episode include:What’s your (internal/external) design?Are you executing it in line with your goals?If there’s a gap between design and execution, what needs to change to create alignment?