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Psychology of Behavior Change

Season 1, Ep. 61

Master certified NLP and Time Line Therapy®️ coach Rachel Bailey discusses three different behavior change theories, and how you can apply the findings from these behavior change studies to your own life. If you’re ready to terminate bad habits and create (and maintain) new habits, it’s time to listen to this episode of Life Coach In Your Pocket. You’ll learn what the six phases of behavior change are, where most people get stuck or backslide, as well as the tools you can implement to ensure you stay the course on your path to transformation. 

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  • 65. Unbreakable Union: Restoring A Broken Marriage

    In this powerful episode of Life Coach In Your Pocket, join Coach Rachel Bailey and her husband Alex as they share their raw and honest journey from the brink of separation to a place of healing and renewal. They discuss how they defied the odds and rebuilt their fractured marriage into an unbreakable bond.Through heartfelt conversations, deep reflection, and a commitment to growth, Rachel and Alex discovered the essential ingredients for restoring their broken marriage. They delve into the transformative power of communication, forgiveness, and conflict resolution, offering practical tips and insights for listeners seeking to heal their own relationships.From navigating conflict to embracing life coaching, Rachel and Alex provide a roadmap for couples seeking to rebuild trust, reignite love, and create a solid foundation for a thriving partnership. Their story serves as a beacon of hope, reminding us that even the most fractured relationships can be transformed into unbreakable bonds.Would you like a FREE copy of Alex and Rachel’s conflict resolution script? Grab your free downloadable script here: more information on Rachel’s upcoming group coaching program, Transform? Get all the details here: (
  • 64. Beyond the Crown: Miss Idaho USA's Insights For Victory (in Life and Work)

    In today's episode of Life Coach In Your Pocket, Coach Rachel Bailey interviews the current Miss Idaho USA 2023, Hannah Menzner. In this interview, Hannah reveals her wisdom on facing setbacks, and the importance of never giving up. A published author of her nonfiction book, "Glass Ceiling Epiphanies," Hannah gives insights on advocating for oneself in the workplace. In this episode, you'll also hear about Hannah's journey on her road to Miss USA with the Miss Universe Organization. And last, but certainly not least, Hannah also expresses tips for those struggling with mental health, as well as lessons on how to spot suicide warning signs and risk factors.This is a pact interview filled with deep and authentic conversation! Trust me, you don't want to "Miss" this one! Looking for "Glass Ceiling Epiphanies"? You can grab your copy HERE:Would you like to follow Hannah on her journey to Miss USA? You can follow her on Instagram at @missidusa
  • 63. Is Your Government Hypnotizing You?

    In a previous episode, Coach Rachel did a deep dive on Hypnosis, what it is and when it can be used for inner healing. This week, Coach Rachel takes another approach, and explains when you might be on the receiving end of hypnotic language patterns without your consent. Learn how to recognize hypnotic language patterns from television, from commercials, and yes, even from your Government. Coach Rachel also answers these frequently asked questions about NLP:What is NLP?Is NLP manipulative?When and how is NLP used for good? When can it become manipulative?Did you find this episode enjoyable? Please leave a 5 star review with a note about your experience. Ready to connect?On Facebook?Follow the Life Coach In Your Pocket Facebook Page: Instagram?Follow Coach Rachel at a free guide on finding your purpose? a free script for conflict resolution?
  • 62. Tips For Conflict Resolution

    In today's episode of Life Coach In Your Pocket, Coach Rachel gives communication tools for conflict resolution. Have you ever gone into a conversation with an open mind, only to find yourself in an argument? Or, on the other hand, have you ever had a conversation on the horizon that you feared might turn into an argument? Either way, communication isn't always easy. People come to conversations with their pre-existing biases, personal values and attitudes, as well as their past experiences of similar topics of conversation. All of these neurological filters can distort conversation and make communication challenging. To make communication easier, Rachel is using this episode to break down 5 tips to resolve conflict of any kind. No need to take notes! If you'd like Rachel's free Conflict Resolution Script, you can get yours here:'t get it? Check your spam folder and be sure to confirm your subscription.If you enjoyed today’s episode, please leave a review. Ready to connect?You can now watch this episode on YouTube: Facebook?Follow the Life Coach In Your Pocket Facebook Page: Instagram?Follow Coach Rachel at a free guide on finding your purpose?
  • 60. "I'm Tired" Tricks for Long Lasting Energy

    In this episode of Life Coach In Your Pocket, Master certified NLP and Time Line Therapy®️ coach Rachel Bailey discusses why so many people are tired. Learn the different kinds of exhaustion that can influence our physical energy, mental energy, spiritual energy, and emotional energy.You'll also be reminded of energy robbers that steal your energetic joy. And finally you'll get quality action steps to giving your life more sustained energy on a daily basis.Let's connect!You can now watch this episode on YouTube: Facebook?Follow the Life Coach In Your Pocket Facebook Page: Instagram?Follow Coach Rachel at a free guide on finding your purpose?
  • 59. Be Have Do

    Creating Success With Your Way Of BeingIn this episode of Life Coach In Your Pocket, Rachel breaks down the coaching concept of "Be, Have, Do" and how this is contrary to our natural predisposition to exercise "Do, Have, Be." When we find our way of being first, and then apply the concept of "Be, Have, Do," we can create success and abundance using ease and flow. If you're ready to set down the grid, and utilize flow instead, this is the episode for you!Let's Connect:Instagram: www.instagram/coachrachelbaileyFree Purpose Finder Gift: Website:
  • 58. Turbo Boost! Quick Tips for Immediate Results

    Do you have a goal to actualize in a short amount of time? In today's episode of Life Coach In Your Pocket, coach Rachel gives 9 tips you can start applying today to help you actualize your goals at turbo speed! Grab a piece of paper and a pen, today's episode is packed with golden nuggets! Are you ready to Transform? If you'd like support implementing today's tips and actualizing results in your own life, it's time to Transform! Enrollment is open now and closes soon! You can read more about Transform here:TransformTransform is 12 learning weeks broken down into 4 phases:Discovery: Given my vision board and goals, what action steps are required to get me there? How can I chunk these goals into doable, easy steps? How can I hold myself accountable to achieving my vision?Awareness: Which of these action steps will I do? Which are easy? Which are not? Which steps am I resisting or forgetting? How can I move forward?Creation: What do I deserve to create in my life in order to get all of the inspired action steps done? How can I simplify the process? How can I create and manifest results using Time Line TherapyⓇTransformation: Releasing the limiting beliefs, negative emotions, and significant emotional events of my past that hold me back. Using Neuro Linguistic Programming to transform my mindset so that I become who I need to be to succeed. One of the things I love most about Transform is the simplicity of the step by step plan. With this 4 step process of Transform, results are guaranteed with perfect attendance.
  • 57. Addicted to Busy and Ready to Quit

    Addicted to Busy and Ready to Quit How do you know if you’re addicted to busy? And isn’t "busy" just negative rhetoric for "productive"? What is the difference? If you’ve ever wondered if you can scale back and still scale toward a higher purpose, mission, and vision, this is the episode for you! You’ll gain clarity to know if you’re actually addicted to busy, as well as what to do to detox the busy in your life! Join Rachel as she shares her 6 tips to break up with busy and gain clarity, momentum, and abundance instead. Are you ready for a clear mission statement for your life? Ready to find that purpose and vision to make sure every opportunity in your life is a YES? Click here for my absolutely FREE gift to defining your mission and purpose: