Life After Life Podcast - Our Soul's Experience in Life and Death


What To Do if You Have Spirits In Your Home

Ep. 21

Movies like The Exorcist series (circa 1973-2005) haven't done the non-physical due service. Based in fiction, sensationalism, and non-reality, things like this and many other fabrications of the non-physical leave many with a false impression of spirits really are. In a vast majority of cases, "spirits" are simply the non-physical presence of folks just like you and me. They died, but those still hanging around earth have not "crossed" into the light. They may be confused or just unaware, but nonetheless, they have not crossed over.

If you or someone you know has a presence in your home, place of work, etc., there are things you can do to help them cross over. Majona describes what is really going on and what you can do about it in this very informational episode.