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What's Your Passion?

Ep. 99

Do you feel like you've lost your passion in any aspect of life? Majona talks about this as being a by-product of ascension. As your vibrational frequency increases, your interests and frame of reference also shifts. This can show up in the ways you choose to spend your free time and what contributions you feel pulled to make to your family, community and humanity.

Majona also introduces her new website,, and leaves you with a question that may lead to your passion: What's your dawn?

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  • 107. Brock Told Me Why He Had to Leave

    A short two weeks after Brock's accident, I was leading a women's retreat in Montana, which had been on the calendar for months. Brock met me there, and we were able to have quite a conversation!
  • 106. Brock Sends Music

    This is one of my favorite episodes ever! Brock started playing a couple of songs for me within days of his accident. The first song was incredibly impactful in a way I never could have predicted!
  • 105. The Day of Brock's Accident

    Losing a child is every parent's greatest fear, and I never imagined it would become my reality. From the beginning, I felt guided to do this podcast. Each episode is taken from my personal experiences, and this is no exception. There have been so many lessons, both spiritual and human, in Brock's accident and my process of trying to grasp, comprehend, accept and move forward. I'm sharing all this with you, not because I'm strong or brave; truthfully, I've never felt more shattered and lost. Rather, I feel this is a continuation of my agreement to share my experiences that form my beliefs, thoughts and opinions of the soul's journey.
  • 104. I'm Back!

    A life changing event prevented me from recording any episodes for this podcast for over a year. Although things will never be the same, I'm stepping fully into my spiritual work, including this podcast, hosting retreats, and teaching online and in-person classes. Tune in to hear what life threw at me to keep me away for so long. Please visit for retreats, sessions and merchandise.
  • 103. The Spiritual Adventure Summit

    The table is turned in this episode as Majona's friend and fellow podcaster, Daniel D'Neuville, introduces The Spiritual Adventure Summit: A Gathering of Saints. A portion of the 2 hour interview Daniel conducted with Majona is shared, as well as details on when to catch the remainder. Additionally, the summit includes interviews with a dozen teachers covering over 30 hours of content! The best part; it's all free!
  • 102. To Ascend or Descend, It's Choice

    Are we really ascending, even amid the onslaught of local and global crises? In this episode, Majona gives specific action steps to assist you in moving from feelings of fear and helplessness into empowerment. As a bonus, your actions can truly impact the the emotional and physical well being of those around you. The best part: Anyone can do these things! This isn't woo woo, Friends, these strategies are based in science and medicine.The energy is supportive for ascension, but we all have free will. Which do you choose?
  • 101. Earthbound Spirits with Mary and Dale

    Have you wondered what happens to souls who don't "go to the light"? Are they stuck in limbo forever and can they communicate with us? Earthbound spirits became a topic on a recent road trip Majona took with friends. You're invited to listen in on the conversation.
  • 100. How Loved Ones Help Us from the Other Side

    It's comforting to know our loved ones remain close to us and active in our lives even after they are on the other side. How do they help us; do they become angels or spirit guides? To explain, Majona shares the vibrational hierarchy of disincarnate beings and the roles they play in our lives. We also take a look at how past, present and future lives coexist.