Life After Life Podcast - Our Soul's Experience in Life and Death


Life After Life Podcast - Soul contracts and pods

Ep. 1

This is the first episode of Life After Life, where we will be exploring our soul's journey both in the physical and non-physical realms. Is there life after death? Are our loved ones who have passed on safe? Will we ever see our loved ones again? Are they OK? Have they gone to hell...or heaven?

These are all very important questions we want to know, especially in those days, weeks, and months after someone we love has left the Earth plane.

Our host and guide is Majona - gifted with psychic perception from an early age as she discusses in this episode. Her gift has been both a blessing and a challenge, and she will discuss how she managed it throughout her life.

In this episode, she introduces the idea of soul groups and contracts. Your loved ones on the other side are part of a tapestry of soul connection that is both beautiful and much more spectacular than we can even imagine from our Earthbound perspective. There is much to discuss about this topic, but this first episode will get it started.