Life After Life Podcast - Our Soul's Experience in Life and Death


Are Spirits "Demons?"

Ep. 31

Because so many of us don't understand the non-physical reality, we only have references of what we are familiar with to help us formulate understanding of the other side. One area is particularly misunderstood and often dominated by myth, speculation, and down-right fear - that being, encounters with spirits in general. Church teaching for millennia has distorted, twisted, and confused many with manipulation-based teachings that are designed more to control and instill fear than to reveal the real situation.

And while none of us in the Earth-realm actually know what is on the other side, over the last 50 years in particular, various methods of hypnosis and other forms of connection are showing us a much clearer picture of what is on the other side. In this episode, Majona takes on the question "Are Spirits Demons." Her answer will give you a much different perspective based not only on her own insights, but confirmed now by many other credible sources on this topic. Fear not!