The Summer Reading Episode

Join David Kern and guest Levi Stahl (marketing director for University of Chicago Press and a wonderful books-based Twitter follow) for a conversation about some great summer reads. They start by chatting about what makes for a good summer read, then dive in to their own lists.

Here are some of the books discussed on this show:

A Month in the Country, by J. L. Carr

Novels and stories by Craig Rice

Dorothy Dunnett's House of Niccolo series, Lymond Chronicles, and King Hereafter

The Canterbury Tales

The Country of the Pointed Firs, Sarah Orne Jewett

David Epstein's Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World

A.E. Stallings' “Like”

Eric Ambler's Journey into Fear

P.G. Wodehouse's Carry on Jeeves

Wallace Stegner's Crossing to Safety

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