S.D. Smith, Jonathan Rogers, & Douglas McKelvey talk process and vocation

Ep. 4

Welcome to Libromania, a new podcast for the book-obsessed from the Close Reads Podcast Network. Each week David Kern will be chatting with authors, biographers, designers, collectors, critics and other people who help make book's so worthy of our attention.

Here in chapter 4, David chats with middle-grade (as they call themselves) novelists S.D. Smith (The Green Ember series), Jonathan Rogers (The Wilderking Trilogy), and Douglas McKelvey (The Angel Knew Papa and the Dog) about their writing process, how they see their vocation, when they know a story is finished, their advice for young writers, and much, much, much more.

Join us for this in-depth contemplation of the trials and joys of the writing life.

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