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#131 - The First Rule Of Fight Club

Season 1, Ep. 131

Tommy rants about WHY and HOW you should WAKE UP your Inner Tyler Durden.

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  • 140. #140 - JUST BE YOURSELF

    Tommy rants about Why We Should Not Give A Fuck about what people think about us.
  • 139. #139 - THE LAWS OF POWER

    Tommy rants about random stuff and reads from the book "48 laws of power".Follow My Instagram
  • 138. #138 - BREAK A BAD HABIT

    Tommy rants about why its good to self reflect and analyze ourselfs, also how we can change our habits.
  • 137. #137 - A WARRIOR IN A GARDEN

    Tommy talks about the meaning of the quote: It is better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war
  • 136. #136 - Jonathan @memesofdalsland

    Ett par folköl och ett samtal med Jonathan "memesofdalsland" om Dalsland, Mänskligt beteende, Politik, Sociala Medier, AI och varför det kan vara bra att behöva skiva sitt eget bröd ibland.
  • 135. #135 - MOTIVATION

    In This Episode Tommy Reveals the Secret of Lifelong Motivation.
  • 134. #134 - THE ART OF VIOLENCE

    Tommy rants about Surviving Cold Winters, Childhood, Effecient Leadership & Communication, Warrior Mindset, Fighting And how to spot and scare a predator on the street.Visit my instagram
  • 133. #133 - BE A HU(MAN)

    In This Episode Tommy rants about: Podcast Money, Leadership Archetypes and Why we need to FIGHT all the WEAK men to the LEFT and RIGHT of us.Visit my instagram
  • 132. #132 - You Are Alive

    Tommy Talks About: Driving a car, Growing Older, Happiness, Anxiety, Stress, Recovery, Benefits of A Simple Life and why you should be Fucking Happy to be Alive.