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Letters to our Yesterday

The magic of energy and our own intuition.

Season 1, Ep. 2

Cassandra is a gifted psychic energy healer and change artist. She has worked with clients for over twenty years on healing their pasts and creating positive change for their future. We discuss the discovery of her gift and journey to becoming a healer. We also examine common problems women face today and how by finding our authentic self and opening our heart to our own intuition, we can live a happy and fulfilled life.

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  • 11. A Life of Many Paths

    This is my second interview with Suzie Crozier, a personal trainer and marriage celebrant. We chat about the challenges of running your own business, how we can follow our intuition to ensure we are on the right path and Suzie helps me wrap up this final episode of Letters To My Yesterday! My heart is full of gratitude to every guest and listener - thank you for sharing in this journey xo
  • 10. Finding our Place in the World (& the gentle healing of Reiki)

    Sarah moved to Australia from the UK seven years ago. She has worked as a beauty therapist for many years, though recently took the brave step to open her own business, The Retreat Room. Sarah incorporates Reiki (a gentle form of energy healing) into many of her holistic treatments and has found it works especially well to provide women with the care and nurturing they often don’t receive. We chat about the importance of sometimes putting ourselves first and Sarah explains how Reiki can work for many different people.
  • 9. A Creative Surgeon

    Inda grew up in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia. She studied medicine in the UK, before settling in Australia after meeting her husband, a fellow doctor. Having her daughter four years ago changed Inda’s view of her career and she recently stepped back from the fast-paced world of surgical training to take a year off. This year, she is pursuing (and enjoying) her creative passions of writing and art to the fullest.
  • 8. Sharing The Dignity

    Rochelle Courtenay is the founder and managing director of Australian Charity, Share the Dignity. We chat about how she began the charity four years ago after learning that homeless women were going without basic sanitary items during their menstrual cycle. Rochelle was shocked and decided to do something about it. This incredible charity, with a team of over 4000 volunteers, aims to share the dignity with homeless and at-risk women. The charity’s core belief is that all women matter and deserve dignity and justice.
  • 7. The Heart of a Story

    Maya Linnell is an Australian author who lives in rural Victoria. Her debut novel, Wildflower Ridge, published by Allen and Unwin was released in June and has been climbing the Australian fiction charts since. Maya was surrounded by books and writing from a young age and began her career as a journalist. We chat about her writing journey as well as her other loves; baking and gardening. Maya’s letter to her younger self is a heartfelt message about hope through the difficulty of facing mental health.To find out more about Maya and her novel Wildflower Ridge visit her website You can also follow her journey on Instagram @maya.linnell.writes or Facebook
  • 6. A Journey to Self-Love

    Banu Sekendur was born in Turkey and lived through a difficult childhood before moving to the United States. After suffering a traumatic break-up she became so unwell she ended up in the emergency department. Following this dark night of the soul, Banu moved to Hawaii and spent time healing and rebuilding herself. We chat about her difficult journey and the deep understandings she has gained about self-love.
  • 5. Accelerated Success

    Fatima is the co-founder and managing director of eWave, Australia’s most successful and awarded digital commerce agency. We chat about the beginning of her career – building a digital business with her brothers from their home in Austria as teenagers. We also discuss the moment Fatima lost everything because of a betrayal and the darkness that followed. Fatima shares with me how she re-built her life and career upon moving to Australia with her husband, the way motherhood has changed her business and how she has managed to overcome self-limiting beliefs.‘You can really do whatever you want; set the goal and you will get there.’ 
  • 4. The gift of teaching and opening your heart

    To me, Cheryl is the definition of a community-minded human. She teaches English to adults in a college – but this is only the beginning of her role. She opens her heart and her home to newly-arrived Australians, creating a unique community in which they can form support networks and friendships. Cheryl found a passion for teaching when she lived in the Middle East and taught women to speak English. We chat about her love of teaching, her belief that it’s her purpose to help others and how we can all open our hearts a little more to isolated members of our society.
  • 3. Ever Changing Women

    Dominika Ferenz is the writer and director of the incredible documentary The Ever Changing Woman. The film is a collection of stories from women at various stages of their life and examines the development of the female identity. We chat about Dominikia's inspiration behind creating the film and the wisdom she has collected from the amazing women she interviews.