Let's Get Frank

It’s a cruel irony. 55-year-old sex and relationship journalist Bibi Lynch can’t get a second date! Now she’s looking to take back control of her love life, with her new comedy-meets-self-help dating podcast “Let’s Get Frank.” In each episode Bibi meets with a different “Frank.” Bibi explains: “My friend Max isn’t a dating expert – or in any way psychic – but one day I called him to moan about my tragic love life and Max described to me the man he saw as my future husband – a tall, dark and handsome human rights lawyer named Frank.” With the help of her sex, relationship and dating coach Annabelle Knight, Bibi searches out and dates numerous Franks all in the hope of finding the one. Each episode, Annabelle acts as a fly on the wall: listening in on Bibi’s date, pointing out any mistakes Bibi is making, and providing both Bibi and the podcast’s listeners with invaluable dating dos and don’ts.