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Let's Do The Right Thing

Stevie Spring, 50th Episode Special

Season 4, Ep. 34

To celebrate our 50th episode, we welcome a legend of the industry. Stevie Spring's illustrious career glitters with some of the UK's biggest and best known brands. On top of this, she's a Fellow of both the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising and of the Marketing Society, and holds an honorary doctorate for services to business. This is a remarkable listen that takes us from Stevie's first experience on a Board, aged 16, through her time as Chief Exec at Clear Channel, and her incredible revitalisation of Children In Need. Presented by our own luminary, Adam Hopkinson.

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  • 12. Christina Taylor

    Work-Life balance is a phrase we often hear in the modern workplace, but how about devoting your work to something that gives you so much joy, you never want to switch off? Christina Taylor's energy is matched only by her success, which is phenomenal, and her list of achievements is testament to her dedication and ambition. This is a remarkable conversation with one of the most inspiring people we've ever spoken to. Oh, and she represents one of England's most popular footballers, Mary Earps. Presented by own superstar, Adam Hopkinson.
  • 11. Martin Woolley

    Martin Woolley is the Executive Chair of Make Possible, the investment arm of the What's Possible Group, and has investments in a bunch of startups, including Project Five, the UK's first Commerce Data and Media Specialist. This is an episode packed with insights and opportunities, and when Commerce Data rules the world, you'll remember where you were when you heard this podcast. Presented by our own data guru, Adam Hopkinson.
  • 10. Simon Daglish

    To celebrate our 60th episode, we speak to an industry legend, Simon Daglish. Dags' career has seen him go from GCap, to Channel 4, to Fox Interactive, to ITV, but his work is only half the story. In his spare time he's raised £5m for charity, and many who've worked with him cite him as the best person they've ever worked for.
  • Honor Black

    In the run-up to International Women's Day, Let's Do The Right Thing profiles the achievements of some inspirational leaders.Honor Black is one of the founders of Maiden Cricket, a company designing and creating clothing specifically for those aged 8-17, but the brand's objectives go beyond helping girls feel accepted in the world of cricket. Instead, it aspires to enable long-term change in the sport. And by the way, Honor is just sixteen. Presented by Adam Hopkinson. Recorded in 2023.
  • Mindy Gibbins-Klein

    In the run-up to International Women's Day, Let's Do The Right Thing profiles the achievements of some inspirational leaders.Mindy Gibbins-Klein is a tour de force of energy and positivity. Through keynote speaking, training, and coaching, her work has helped over 1000 thought leaders to get books and articles published and to become sought after speakers. The fact that her philosophies have won acclaim across the world is proof that her ideas are as infectious as her personality. Presented by Adam Hopkinson.
  • Kate Cox

    In the run-up to International Women's Day, Let's Do The Right Thing profiles the achievements of some inspirational leaders. Kate Cox is the CMO of BrightBid, an ad tech company using the latest technology to create amazing results for advertisers. Prior to this, Kate has been the CMO at Moneypenny and GoDaddy. She has an MBA from the Berlin School of Creative Leadership, and is the Co-author of the IPA's New Models of Marketing Effectiveness 'From Integration to Orchestration'​. For anyone requiring knowledge around driving rapid growth in business, this is essential listening. Presented by Adam Hopkinson.
  • 9. Ian Millner

    Ian Millner is the Chair and Co-Founder of Iris Worldwide, a leading marketing agency, doing extraordinary things and operating as an alternative to the ad-led supergroups. This is a conversation with ideas and people at its core, and it's clear that part of Ian's success is down to his passion for enabling cultures driven by creativity and curiosity. For anyone thinking about starting their own agency, this is an absolute must-listen. Presented by Adam Hopkinson.
  • 8. Kuba & Friends

    Kuba is the founder of Kuba & Friends, a new agency bringing together the best of brand thinkers. He was one of the founders and creators of the Eve sleep brand, and as Business Director at Channel 4, he ran the multi award-winning Super-humans, Paralympics campaign. Kuba is a rare breed of those who can both develop and execute great ideas, and this is an episode full of insights from the mind of a creative dynamo. Presented by our own indefatigable genius, Adam Hopkinson.
  • 7. Ian Harris

    Ian Harris knew agencies had money. He knew agencies wanted to spend money. So, Ian Harris built a business where their money could be spent well. Agency Hackers was set up in 2017 to enable agencies to learn from best practice, and be inspired by some of the brightest in the industry. With live and online events, they now cover areas such as HR, client services, marketing, operations, and agency leadership. This is a special listen for anyone with an appetite for knowledge. Presented by the omniscient, Adam Hopkinson.