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Let's Do The Right Thing

Let's Do The States Thing with Keisha Townsend Taitt

Season 4, Ep. 30

As a business you believe in diversity. You keep it in mind, you applaud it when you see others doing it well, and you never miss an opportunity to share your support. But, if you don't walk the walk, you're in danger of losing more than your reputation. What you need right now is two things; firstly, the courage to never be afraid to ask, and secondly, this roots to branch conversation with the wonderfully inspiring Keisha Townsend Taitt. It's forty of the most important minutes in your life that you'll never regret giving up, and a vital reminder to us all that, a little like JFK's inaugural address, we should all be asking ourselves, not what inclusion can do for our brands, but what our brands can do for inclusion. Presented by Adam Hopkinson.

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  • 18. Deirdre Mc Gettrick

    The dichotomy of great ideas is that they're often so simple, and yet had by so few people. is the comparison website for furniture, and that ease of describing it is probably part of the reason why it's enjoyed a huge amount of growth in a such a short time period, added to the fact that it's the brainchild of award-winning entrepreneur, Deirdre Mc Gettrick, whose sharp business sense combined with her love of interior design to inspire the brand. If you believe that doing something you enjoy is the key to setting up a successful business, then this episode will unlock everything. November 23
  • 17. Rupert Staines

    Are you ready for the Third Wave of Digital Media? According to Rupert Staines, Amazon's Ad Business was worth less than 100 million five years ago, and this year, it's worth 45 billion. How has tech led the way, and how are supermarkets planning to follow suit? This is an insight into the untapped resources of retail media, and is a must-listen for anyone who loves a good stat. Presented by Adam Hopkinson. October 23
  • 16. Amy Still

    To achieve more meaningful connections, advertisers are manoeuvring from mass broadcast social channels to niche driven spaces, but in order to do this, they sometimes need help opening the right doors. Amy Still has the keys. After years of experience in social-first customer engagement, Amy set up Whisk to redefine the high engagement between brands and communities. This is future-proofing with purpose. Presented by Adam Hopkinson.
  • LDTRT Shorts - Jonathan Durden

    What's the mantra for a happy, successful career and why should you never appear on reality TV? On the anniversary of it's release, we revisit the best and worst advice from PHD Co-Founder and industry legend, Jonathan Durden.
  • 15. Steve Phillips

    Ideas and insights lead the way in this conversation with the Founder of pioneering tech company, Zappi. Steve Phillips describes himself as a serial entrepreneur, and has been using AI since its inception...only now...Zappi has taken it to another level when it comes to market research. Presented by our very own innovator, Adam Hopkinson.
  • 14. Rachel Forde & Marco Bertozzi

    What's the collective noun for Consultants? A Pipeline? A Bandwidth? How about a Zoo? In July 23, with an array of agency expertise behind them, Rachel Forde and Marco Bertozzi became keepers of The Zoo, a Consultant Collective with a mission to connect experienced professionals with companies who need senior support. Less than a year in, and they already boast over 400 talented specimens, who are delivering projects for clients in a wide range of disciplines. This is a success story with growth at the heart of it, and agility and experience as it's themes. Presented by our very own Johnny Morris (ask your parents) Adam Hopkinson.
  • 13. Saint Betteridge

    Exploding business myths is all part of the service here at LDTRT, and one of the fallacies we often find ourself returning to, is the notion that you have to be nasty to get on...Au contraire mon petit ami des années 80! The secret to success in this day and age is being someone so nice, people will always feel like they HAVE to work with you. Step forward Saint Betteridge. Alongside his management skills, Saint's genial air has been at the forefront of the digital transformation of the industry, and roles at Time Out, Picnic, and now Scoota, have produced a strategic leader who can inspire results and relationships in equal measure. Presented by the affable, Adam Hopkinson.,it's%20going%20to%20be%20okay!,%E2%80%9CSome%20people%20have%20something%20to%20say.,something%20Avoid%20the%20second%20group.%E2%80%9D
  • 12. Christina Taylor

    Work-Life balance is a phrase we often hear in the modern workplace, but how about devoting your work to something that gives you so much joy, you never want to switch off? Christina Taylor's energy is matched only by her success, which is phenomenal, and her list of achievements is testament to her dedication and ambition. This is a remarkable conversation with one of the most inspiring people we've ever spoken to. Oh, and she represents one of England's most popular footballers, Mary Earps. Presented by own superstar, Adam Hopkinson.
  • 11. Martin Woolley

    Martin Woolley is the Executive Chair of Make Possible, the investment arm of the What's Possible Group, and has investments in a bunch of startups, including Project Five, the UK's first Commerce Data and Media Specialist. This is an episode packed with insights and opportunities, and when Commerce Data rules the world, you'll remember where you were when you heard this podcast. Presented by our own data guru, Adam Hopkinson.