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Let's Do The States Thing with Ed Cyster

Season 4, Ep. 31

Of the most commonly used words in this episode, 'people' comes out top, and for those that know Ed Cyster, for those that have worked with him, or for those that have spent any time in his company, that'll come as no surprise. People seem to come top of every agenda that Ed has. It's why he's such a focused recruiter, and how he's built the 4Media Group into the number one broadcast consultancy in the States; by volume, and by clients. This is a whirlwind conversation on how to launch and grow a business with staggering speed and phenomenal success. Presented by Adam Hopkinson.

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  • 34. Stevie Spring, 50th Episode Special

    To celebrate our 50th episode, we welcome a legend of the industry. Stevie Spring's illustrious career glitters with some of the UK's biggest and best known brands. On top of this, she's a Fellow of both the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising and of the Marketing Society, and holds an honorary doctorate for services to business. This is a remarkable listen that takes us from Stevie's first experience on a Board, aged 16, through her time as Chief Exec at Clear Channel, and her incredible revitalisation of Children In Need. Presented by our own luminary, Adam Hopkinson.
  • 32. Helen Gorman

    Anyone born post 1990 may find it hard to believe the mythology of having to be nasty to be successful, but for the rest of the us, the bastard in the shoulder pads was always the image of a wealthy winner. How times change. As our fourth series nears it's conclusion, one major take-away is how wonderfully charming icons of the industry have become; few more so than Helen Gorman. Helen's been a pioneer for life/work balance, a champion of creativity, and a master strategist with a track record of growing global brands, and she's currently Managing Partner at the consultancy with the Midas touch, Let's Reset. This is a lesson in how to future-proof your business. Presented by our own, endearing industry legend, Adam Hopkinson.
  • 30. Let's Do The States Thing with Keisha Townsend Taitt

    As a business you believe in diversity. You keep it in mind, you applaud it when you see others doing it well, and you never miss an opportunity to share your support. But, if you don't walk the walk, you're in danger of losing more than your reputation. What you need right now is two things; firstly, the courage to never be afraid to ask, and secondly, this roots to branch conversation with the wonderfully inspiring Keisha Townsend Taitt. It's forty of the most important minutes in your life that you'll never regret giving up, and a vital reminder to us all that, a little like JFK's inaugural address, we should all be asking ourselves, not what inclusion can do for our brands, but what our brands can do for inclusion. Presented by Adam Hopkinson. Further InfoTarget - Light - Pride -
  • 29. Let's Do The States Thing with Anson Sowby

    I ain't going on no plane fool! Is what Adam Hopkinson said when we began talking about a miniseries, profiling some of the consumer behaviour and creative work that's being done in the States. So it was with some irony that we found ourselves talking to Anson Sowby, who's not only one of the most charismatic and humble leaders we've ever spoken to, he's also a close personal friend of Mr T. This is a brilliant conversation that focuses on the entertainment industry, the gaming sector, and exit strategies. So, if you're interested in good business practice, if few others can help, and if you can click on the link, maybe you can learn a lot from... The Anson Team...
  • 28. Let's Do The States Things with Katherine Pereira

    Our miniseries of discovering the best business practice in the States continues with a brilliant story about inclusive branding and packaging. Katherine Pereira is a Strategist, specialising in Brand Identities, and through a personal insight, she was able to come up with a simple concept to engage a cosmetics range with 86 million underserved American consumers. Hosted by everyone's favo(u)rite Yankophile, Adam Hopkinson.
  • 27. Let's Do The States Thing with Wayne Blodwell

    Wayne is Mr Programmatic. People talk about his in-depth technical knowledge, how he knows the industry and its players like no one else, and how his experience and connections make him an invaluable strategic asset. Also by the way, and we quote here, 'he's one of the nicest people ever'. This is Programmatic 101, Stateside. Presented by the well travelled, Adam Hopkinson.Wayne's Podcast:
  • 26. Lee Puri

    Lee Puri is the Co-Founder of the world's biggest programmatic partner, MiQ. Together, with Gurman Hundal, he's built the media partner into a sustainable business, using data analysis and insights to drive meaningful outcomes for clients. Lee has an entrepreneurial streak underpinned by a tenaciously strategic mind, and it's fascinating to hear how he and Gurman have upscaled the company to a global level. Hosted by Adam Hopkinson.
  • 25. Kate Merritt & Laura Braithwaite

    In 2020, Laura and Kate decided they'd done their time in the agency and media world, and they were ready to start working on their greatest passion: people. Turning the tables on traditional recruitment, Liberty Hive set out to offer a modern solution to hiring methods, using a technology led platform to connect media, marketing and mar-tech specialists and businesses in the most efficient way possible. Added to this, they've also built an online community, offering coaching and webinars, and they're a leading light in salary transparency, demonstrating the vital role that the recruitment sector can play in bringing diversity and equality to the workplace. Presented by the ever urbane, Adam Hopkinson. Salary Transparency Article,reality%20in%20the%20UK%20soon.Kate's Sponsorship Page for Swimming the Bosporus Strait