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Medicine with DR EMEKA

Season 2, Ep. 2

The fabulous Dr Emeka Okorocha joins Jasmine today to discuss all things healthcare and medicine. Dr Emeka gamely answers Jasmine's pop quiz of Classical diagnoses to see if he can tell what the patient was suffering from, as well as managing to keep a straight face while she reveals some of the ancient cures. Hippocrates of course is discussed, whose oath Doctors even now have to commit to before they start to practise.

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  • 5. Interior Design with EMMA JANE PALIN

    Emma Jane Palin, interior blogger and stylist joins Jasmine today to chat about how much inspiration our current homes draw from classical interiors. Alongside the more expected chats about mosaics and marble there's also talk of what every Deco magazine celebrities want to be featured in and even how current music bands are referencing furniture items that have classical provenance!Legit Classics is hosted by Jasmine Elmer and is a Hat Trick Podcast
  • 4. Sex with CATE CAMPBELL

    Accredited sex therapist, author and co-host of The Real Sex Education Podcast, Jasmine's guest today is Cate Campbell, talking about attitudes towards sex in classical times. Were the Romans really more liberal than us and if so should we take a leaf out of their book when it comes to being less prudish when talking about sex? Follow Jasmine @legitclassicist on twitter and instagram
  • 3. Happiness with SIMON ALEXANDER ONG

    Life Coach and Business Strategist Simon Alexander Ong joins Jasmine to discuss the pursuit of happiness this week. How did the ancients pursue happiness and are the methods to achieve this that we use today likely to have been the same back then?Follow Jasmine on Twitter and Instagram @legitclassicist
  • 1. Thrillers with ANDREW HUNTER MURRAY

    Kicking off a new batch of the series that seeks to find out how the classics compares to modern day, Jasmine is joined by the brilliant Andrew Hunter Murray, best selling author, journalist and one of the indomitable QI elves. Talk ranges from misunderstood monsters to modern horror and, just to warn you, there is some bad mouthing of Cicero...Find Jasmine @legitclassicist on social media.Andrew's latest book 'The Sanctuary' is published by Penguin and he can be found @andrewhunterm on twitter.Legit Classics is a Hat Trick Podcast
  • 5. Food with KATE YOUNG

    Award winning writer of The Little Cookbook series, Kate Young brings her knowledge and love of food to the pod this week to chat to Jasmine about ancient thinking about food, dining and why Pythagoras really had a thing about beans...Follow Jasmine on @legitclassicistFollow Kate on twitter @bakingfictionLegit Classics is a Hat Trick PodcastProduced by Andy Goddard and Claire Broughton
  • 4. Comedy with STUART GOLDSMITH

    Host of Comcompod, acclaimed stand up, and all round excellent person Stuart Goldsmith joins Jasmine today to find out whether what makes us laugh today is the same as that which tickled audiences in the Greco Roman period. Are we in a new age of comedy censorship, or have there always been limits to what we could joke about?Jasmine Elmer hosts LEGIT CLASSICSFollow Jasmine on @legitclassicist on insta Legit Classics is a Hat Trick PodcastProduced by Andy GoddardExec Producer Claire Broughton
  • 3. Parenting with THE UNMUMSY MUM (aka Sarah Turner)

    Blogger and Author Sarah Turner, aka The UnMumsy Mum is the guest chatting to Jasmine this week discussing how modern attitudes to parenting contrast with how Greco-Roman parents dealt with their children, and whether or not their own boys would have coped with the less than gentle style of parenting at the time. Legit Classics is a Hat Trick PodcastProducers are Claire Broughton and Andy GoddardFollow Jasmine @legitclassicist on instagram and @jasmine_elmer on twitter
  • 2. Wine with ALEESHA HANSEL

    Wine writer and presenter Aleesha Hansel chats to Jasmine about wine this week - how colonialism has shaped which wines we think of as the best, how attitudes to drinking have changed and why Aleesha believes our supermarket wine aisles need a reshuffle (and we agree!). Legit Classics is a Hat Trick PodcastProducers are Claire Broughton and Andy GoddardFollow Jasmine @legitclassicist on instagram and @jasmine_elmer on twitter