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Legally Blind


Season 1, Ep. 0

Introducing 'Legally Blind' hosted by Bobby Goulder - conversations with other creative professionals who have visual impairments.

First episode lands Tuesday April 25th with comedian and writer Josh Pugh.

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  • 6.5. *Season Break*

    Bobby is away for a short period so there will be a little pause in proceedings. More episodes coming soon!
  • 6. Ep.06 Jay Pocknell

    Founder and creator of the brand new Sound Without Sight platform Jay Pocknell chats all about the incredibly important and relevant aims of the project following its recent launch at Google HQ. He also explains how he forged a career in audio engineering whilst living with Nystagmus and a 'cocktail' of other sight conditions.Sound Without Sight: (Open Up Music): in touch! @bobby_goulder on Twitter and Instagram
  • 5. Ep.05 Lloyd Coleman

    Lloyd describes his route into music with a combination of vision loss and hearing loss, and his unique experience as Artistic Director of the Paraorchestra.Lloyd Coleman:
  • 4. Ep.04 Karl Schwonik

    Canadian jazz drummer, entrepreneur and academic Karl Schwonik describes how the medium of jazz and the art of the drums are well suited to someone with sight loss. He finds ways of using musical intuition and inventive sight-reading techniques to help him build a highly decorated career.Get in touch on Twitter and Instagram @bobby_goulderKarl's website: Dystrophy:
  • 3. Ep.03 Pippa Cleary

    Similar career exploits, similar conditions, quite different coping methods! Between many laughs, Pippa and Bobby swap notes on how to go about being a visually impaired composer in the musical theatre world. She focusses on being an excellent collaborator and team player as well as having excellent ears and memory.Pippa's website: Toxoplasmosis:
  • 2. Ep.02 James Risdon

    Recorder player James Risdon talks about two separate appearances at the Paralympic Games - as an athlete in Atlanta 1996 and as a musician performing at London 2012.We also discuss various social dynamics around blindness and disability more generally.James's Website:
  • 1. Ep.01 Josh Pugh

    Comedian and writer Josh Pugh talks about his experience working his way up the comedy circuits as a visually impaired person, and how he has grown to feel comfortable addressing his condition in his material. He also explains about the Partially Sighted Football League and relays some of his experience competing for England at World Cups.Josh Pugh on Twitter:'s Macular Dystrophy:,vision%20until%20they're%20adults.Partially Sighted Football - The FA: