Lee Miller: Fashion in Wartime Britain

Lee Miller’s photography of British fashion for Vogue during World War 2 was prolific yet few are aware of the full extent of this body of her work. Many know Lee Miller’s name in connection to her inspirational World War 2 reportage. Few are aware of the volume of her British fashion images that were published on British Vogue’s pages from 1939 to 1944.

This six part series is produced in conjunction with the release of Lee Miller: Fashion in Wartime Britain book and exhibition and explores British fashion during the war, Lee Miller's contribution to the fashion industry in these years and her significant service to the survival of British Vogue magazine.

Audrey Withers, Lee Miller’s editor at British Vogue, wrote as early as 1941:

she [Lee Miller] has borne the whole weight of our studio production through the most difficult period in Brogue’s [British Vogue’s] history’.

The series is presented by Ami Bouhassane, Lee Miller's grandaughter and co-director of the Lee Miller Archives

Guest speakers include: Fashion Historian Amber Butchart, Robin Muir, contributing editor to British Vogue, Hilary Roberts, head curator of photography, Imperial War Museums London, Julie Summers, biographer of Audrey Withers and Contemporary fashion and fine art photographer Viviane Sassen.

Produced by Tolly Robinson

Music licensed from DeWolfe Music

This series was made possible by public funding awarded by Arts Council England from the DCMS, Culture Recovery Fund

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