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  • "PROSPER" review w PCD Part 1

    "Prosper" is the Australian drama starring Rebecca Gibney and Richard Roxborough released Jan 2024.We thought we'd react/review and relate it to who and what we know... which is a fair bit... but who's the leak/s? Come join me and PCD as we talk action/drama/plot/themes and '''do you think...?"There's no official affiliation - PCD just loved it sooo much.. So come chat!

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  • Mine is the Kingdom pt 2

    David and Tanya continue their chat about his new book .. Mine Is The Kingdom and chat about Brian Houston's protege, former Aussie PM Scott Morrison, or was it the other way around? The divine rights of kings extends throughout the church and the state - What can we do about it? Anything ? Just a couple of eagles... bound for glory.. Come chat!
  • Mine is the Kingdom

    Veteran investigative journalist, and Walkely winner, David Hardaker, talks about his new book, Mine Is the Kingdom, the Rise and Fall of Brian Houston, which has just been released. The book details Houston's life as well as the inner workings, and tax breaks, of Hillsong. As an outsider without Pentecostal Traumatic Stress Disorder, David's work is thorough, in depth and with minimal personal bias...although he admits developing an unexpected fondness for an aspect of this research and you will be surprised too! Come chat!
  • Hillsong Boy

    Hillsong Boy, the show, starts this weekend!!!WE go backstage with the STAR Scott Parker to talk the how's, whys and wows of SHOWBIZ!Come chat
  • Into the House part 3

    the effects of being in a program like Mercy Ministries/ Multiplied are long lasting.. and deep. Sarah and Britt outline life after getting out and away and the very real impacts of the terrifying and intense indoctrination that such places instil. It's the final ep for now.. but there's more and the best is always yet to come out!This one is a tough one and we talk hard times psychologically... and life on the other side!!Come chat!
  • Into the House Part 2

    Mercy Ministries offered Sarah and Britt y health treatment in a faith based program. After arriving, they found it was very different, and that rather than treat their mental health concerns, the enclosed and punitive program made life so much worse. Sharing details of the daily lives, ways out and impacts of MM, these two women bring truth into the sun, but not before many years have brought them to this safer place and we are grateful for their voices. So come chat!
  • 27. Into the House pt 1

    Britt (the Prosperity Lounge) and Sarah (Delusions of Reference) met while they were both at Mercy Ministries, the 'rehab' for young women 'in trouble.' Told this was the one stop, and last stop, for all their mental health struggles and life challenges, that they would be once and finally healed, the two found that despite being promised 'holistic and professional care', it would take many months and years to recover from this 'rehab'. Join us as these courageous and strong women tell the story of hell in the place of healing run by a strange set of cronies, Nancy Alcorn, and the Hillsong gang.