Lead With Soul


The positive impact of trauma-informed care with Shelby Leigh

Season 1, Ep. 13

In this episode of Lead With Soul, we dive into what trauma really means and some common misconceptions, how trauma impacts folks with marginalized identities (specifically the LGBTQIA+ community), and simple yet powerful action steps we can take to create safer spaces for our clients and communities. Shelby also guides us through a beautiful practice we can use to support us in regulating our nervous system.

Shelby Leigh has nearly 15 years of clinical practice, a Masters degree in Somatic Psychotherapy, two coaching Certificates, and numerous trainings in the Somatic treatment of trauma.  Between her own journey with complex PTSD and supporting thousands of students and clients, she is ignited by supporting folks across the globe to be able to support themselves and the people they work with to move from simply surviving to truly thriving. A former licensed psychotherapist, now coach and consultant — Shelby teaches trauma awareness to coaches, therapists, healthcare professionals, and organizations worldwide. She is the founder of Creating Safer Space, Creating Safer Healthcare, and Embodied Coaching experience — online programs supporting care providers around trauma-informed care. She is also the host of the “Relationship As Medicine” Podcast — stories from trauma-aware care providers around the world.

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