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6 Areas of Weakness in Law Firms with Financial Struggles

Successful law firms not only have great lawyers; they also have solid business practices. But law firm financial management isn't easy. Firms can start by identifying their weak areas preventing them from having a solid bill of financial health. If your law firm is dealing with any of the 6 areas reviewed in this article, it may be facing financial instability.

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  • An Interview with Sam Mollaei, Esq. of Legal Funnel

    In this episode, Brian Kennel speaks with Sam Mollaei, Esq. of Legal Funnel. Sam helps lawyers to grow their law practice through automation and building funnels that bring in more clients.
  • Using Data Analytics to Improve Decision Making

     Data analytics can be used to monitor a law firm's success and to evaluate whether the firm is moving in the right direction. In this first in a series of articles about law firm data analytics, we go over the basics and define the four main types of analytics that are used the most to measure a law firm’s performance.
  • Project Management Tools for Associate Training Plans

    To ensure balanced and successful skill development in associates, law firms can utilize project management applications to guide associates through the steps of a training plan. We also walk through one particular application, Teamwork, in this post.
  • Is there value in training associates at your law firm?

    Many law firms have given up on hiring new attorneys or investing in the training of new attorneys. We believe these law firms are missing out on great opportunities, accelerating the aging of their firm and diminishing their competitiveness. We recommend a training process that includes specific elements discussed in this article.
  • The Law Firm Managing Partners’ Dashboard: What should be measured?

    If a law firm managing partner could have systems in place now that could detect issues that arise in time to address them, they could do their job a lot more effectively. Learn how to develop a dashboard that will give the firm's managing partner the tools to better navigate the firm.
  • How Project Management Tools Can Transform Your Law Firm

    Smart law firms are using project management software applications to reduce inefficiencies and frustrations related to case management. With capable software applications, firms can keep a complete overview of cases and statuses which is especially helpful with bigger cases that involve multiple moving pieces. Law firms that are successful in applying these project management tools are ones with strong, supportive leadership and implementation support. As a consultant to law firms, PerformLaw has witnessed the benefits of using these project management tools to be astronomical.
  • Diversity & Inclusion in Small and Mid-Sized Law Firms: A Structured Approach

    In this article, we introduce a structure committed to a fair process that includes accountability for progress and improvement. As complex a topic as it may appear, a structured approach to diversity and inclusion with a focus on authenticity can make it simpler.
  • The Fallacy of the Checkbook Approach to Law Firm Management

    Law firms can fall into trouble when they place too much significance on cash balance when measuring their financial health. When a firm does nothing to get out of it, an erosion of confidence and a lack of trust in management occurs.