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Depp v. Heard – The Halftime Report

Season 3, Ep. 10

As the defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard takes a one week break before resuming, Rich Schoenstein is joined by Legal Analyst Dr. Tracy A. Pearson to discuss the status of the case, the relative credibility of the litigants thus far, what to expect and what it all might mean.

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  • 10. Cyber Law

    Cybersecurity lawyer Annmarie Giblin joins Rich to talk about best practices businesses interacting with customers’ personal data, cyber insurance, cyber negligence, and how AI will change everything yet again.
  • 9. New York County Lawyers Association

    Rich is joined by Adrienne Koch and Vince Chang – the new and prior Presidents of the New York County Lawyers Association – to discuss NYCLA and some of the current issues being advocated by the organization.
  • 8. The Ed Sheeran Copyright Trial

    Ed Sheeran scored a complete victory in the copyright trial over allegations that he plagiarized a Marvin Gaye song. Legal Commentator Terri Austin, who attended and covered the trial, joins Rich Schoenstein with a report of the proceedings, a discussion of the issues, and analysis of what it all means for the rights of musicians going forward.
  • 7. True Crime

    The host of the Pretty Lies & Alibis podcast, GiGi McKelvey, joins the host of this podcast, Rich Schoenstein, to talk about the True Crime genre, the Alex Murdaugh and Lori Vallow Daybell cases, and more.
  • 6. Defamation Nation – Sports Edition

    There is a wave of defamation lawsuits brought by high-profile athletes. What’s up with that? Sports lawyer and podcaster Dan Lust joins Rich Schoenstein to discuss such matters in football, baseball, basketball, and golf, along with legal requirements and strategic considerations that arise in such matters.
  • 5. The Chief Judge Controversy

    Last week the New York State Senate Judiciary Committee voted to reject the nomination of Judge Hector LaSalle to serve as Chief Judge on the New York State Court of Appeals. New York State Senator Luis Sepúlveda believes the nomination should be advanced. He joins host Rich Schoenstein to discuss the status of the nomination, the candidate, the process and the path forward.
  • 4. FTC Proposes Noncompete Ban

    The Federal Trade Commission has proposed a broad rule essentially banning noncompete agreements. Can they do that? Should they? And what would be the implications? Host Rich Schoenstein is joined by employment lawyer and restrictive covenant guru David Kleinmann to break down the proposal.
  • 3. Cameras in the Courts

    Criminal Defense Lawyer and Legal Analyst Joshua Ritter joins Host Rich Schoenstein to talk about why some courts permit cameras in the courtroom and some don’t, the pros and cons of such assess, and the trends moving forward.
  • 2. The Verdicts Are In – Two High Profile Trials Are Decided

    Legal Analyst Marie Pereira joins Rich Schoenstein to discuss the verdicts rendered last week in the trial of defamation claims against Alex Jones in Connecticut, and the trial of the convicted murderer responsible for the massacre at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.