Lady Ish


THREE: All about the real dirty F Word - FINANCES

Season 1, Ep. 3

M O N E Y: When we have it, we want more. When we don't have it, we want anything we can get.

I've been reading a lot of philosophies that reiterate that MONEY IS FREEDOM and on this episode I break down how to get that freedom, slow and steady. I also breakdown my bankruptcy at 22 and how that reshaped my thoughts on spending and saving to live daily life. Can you imagine not having a credit card your ENTIRE 20's? Yah, that was my reality. It showed me how to forego expensive trips, brunches and other frivolous spends and made me assess every dollar that was coming in and gong out. This is not to say I didn't travel, drink endlessly or buy stupid shit in my 20's but it all came in CASH. No debt, no worries.

I explore my current obsession with stacking away cash these days. How do you save?

Key reading post cast: SET FOR LIFE

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