Lady Ish


SEVEN with host / media personality Juliya Chernetsky Denning

Season 1, Ep. 7

In 2004, no metal fan could deny the power and influencer Fuse's Uranium had over their world. Juliya exploded on the scene as not only one of the only female voices in heavy music, but personality and realness that hadn't been seen before on national television. At a time where hard polish was still the norm for TV hosts she carved out a raw riche and was able to pivot her career throughout her 20's and evolve with the channel. I've always been curious and inspired by her ability to make such a huge impact in a genre that has traditionally be male dominated, at such a young age. On this episode, I dive into her story and she dishes out some real wisdom about her time on FUSE, moving into the future fearlessly and reinventing yourself as a lady gracefully. Fortunately for you, no censorship needed :)

One of my fave interviews to date!

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