Lady Ish


TWO with comedian + writer Vanessa Golembewski

Ep. 2
Life waits for no one, like literally. A big part of Lady Ish is making sure you handle what comes your way with as much sanity and grace as you can muster up at that time. Over the past few months a few setbacks have hit this podcast (censorship mannnn) and my personal life. My dad suddenly got sick and passed away in a crazy domino of circumstances shortly after, there were a million work things that came up, you know - real life stuff and things got rough. Earned my lady stripes hard over the past few months.In the midst of this madness I also fulfilled a lifelong dream of doing standup comedy in front of an audience for the first time ever in NYC. The exhilaration I felt from working on a body of material, fine tuning it and grilling up on the stage for 5 minutes of hilarious terror cannot even be explained. IT WAS INTIMIDATINGLY ORGASMIC. Comedy has long been a man's game and with femme juggernauts like Amy Schumer and Ali Wong swooping in to change prior perception, women are gaining a different footing in the mainstream. On this episode I chat it up with Vanessa Golembewski who is a NYC comedian and writer, living that freelancer life of starring in skits for Elite Daily, Refinery 29 + so so so much more. Her past has been filled with interesting gigs including scripting out comedy bits on the Harry Connick Jr. show, writing headlines for The Onion and a myriad of other impressively funny quests. Watch her latest skit on Tinder antics hereFollow Vanessa + peep more of her work here