Ladey Adey Show


Interview with Jamie & Charlott McAnsh about writing books with Patrick Smith & Amanda Harris

Season 2022, Ep. 2

Interview by See No Bounds Hosts, Jamie and Charlott McAnsh to celebrate World Book Day March 3rd 2022

Talking about the process of writing and introducing two of Ladey’s authors. They talk about the editing process and the need to have confidence from their Publisher.

Patrick Smith – The Dummy Pass

Amanda Harris – She’ll Never …

Ladey Adey – Successful Business Networking Online

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TIPS for Writing a Book:

Ladey – Just write it!

Amanda – Don’t be bothered about whether you actually like what you have written, it’s communicating the message with others – your reader - which is important.

Patrick – Think and plot out your story, like your characters (good or bad), and talk to Ladey!

The Book Academy – is it for you - 

“A Book Club on steroids” for authors, avid readers, writers and creatives.

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