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Mike Schanhals, Hope College - Going Offsides

Season 1, Ep. 6

Episode six of the Going Offsides podcast features Hope College Men’s Lacrosse Coach Mike Schanhals.

Coach Schanhals has been with the program since 2005 and has lead the team from an unaffiliated club, to the MCLA, and more recently to NCAA Division III in 2013. In his time at Hope College, he was able to bring the team to an NCAA tournament in 2019 and has been able to do so while teaching full-time.

Within the episode we discuss the history of Hope College lacrosse, how the program has evolved over time, and how he has been able to balance having what appears to be two full-time jobs. In addition to his everyday experience, he briefly mentions his time as a coach before Hope, his experience winning multiple high school state championships, and how he witnessed the great American movie American Pie take place in Michigan. Players and coaches alike will appreciate Mike’s great passion for not only the game, but also his passion for life outside of lacrosse.

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