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James Robertson, Denmark Lacrosse - Going Offsides

Season 1, Ep. 12

On the second leg of Going Offsides goes overseas, we discuss lacrosse in Denmark.

Meet James Robertson (@jnrobbo) an Australian transplanted into Denmark. James explains his ties to lacrosse in Australia, how he ended up in Denmark, and the state of lacrosse in Denmark.

The history of Denmark lacrosse has seen phases of tremendous growth and retraction. In its current state James estimates that there are maybe 50 people playing lacrosse in the country at any given time.

Lacrosse in Denmark is as much about the game as it is about friendship. James mentions how big the social impact of the local lacrosse clubs can be.

What in the heck is a Fighting Pastry?

When you take a fighting dane, and you add a pastry, you get a fighting pastry, but there’s much more to this story, listen to today’s episode to hear the full story.

The Road to Worlds

The World Championships are the pinnacle of the international game for our sport, however with the number of teams globally increasing each year, teams must qualify for a chance to play. In the case of Denmark, this means they must finish high enough at next years 2021 European Championships for a chance to compete at Worlds.