Where our blankets go

Season 2, Ep. 6

Squares sent in to Knit-a-Square get sewn into cosy blankets and distributed to vulnerable children at day care centres, crèches and informal settlements around Gauteng and beyond. In this episode, Leanne speaks with two of Vivienne’s contacts in the Northern Cape to discover more about their work at the Early Childhood Development Centres and what the blankets and toys meant for the little ones.

We hear from Sienah Motshabi from the Tswelelopele Community Crèche and Lerato Kgadiete who used to work at the Atamelang Day Care Centre, both in Warrenton. Just learning about how difficult conditions are for families living in that area will help you appreciate the enormous impact that your handmade donations can make on the children who receive them.

As always, details about our work can be found on the Knit-a-Square website and you are welcome to get involved.

Show host: Leanne Hunt.

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Production and editing: Natali Williams, LIME Virtual Business Support.

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